Tappable overlay problem pt2

So I’m still having problems with my tappable overlay. A friend of mine who is amazing with tappable overlays and other sorts of directing has also tried figuring it out and she can’t see what the problem is…I’m hoping somebody can help me out as I don’t really wanna take it out of my script…here’s what I have…

EXT. DANCE - CLUB with CALL ICON to 0.111 203 312 in zone 1
&overlay CALL ICON opacity 0 in 0
&zoom on 160 163 to 208% in 0
&cut to zone 1
&KANE moves to layer 1 and YOU moves to layer 2
&KANE spot 0.667 186 217 and YOU spot 0.572 127 234 and KANE faces left and YOU faces right and YOU is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop and KANE is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop
@transition fade in black in 3
YOU (talk_accuse_angry)
You didn’t have to man handle me!
KANE (talk_think_neutral)
If I remember rightly, you pushed me just for tryin’ to escort you from my club.
YOU (talk_argue_angry)
I didn’t do that to you when you were yellin’ ya gob off in my hairdressers!
KANE (talk_sarcastic)
There’s a difference love, I never refused to leave.
&YOU is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop
@pause for 2
YOU (talk_doubtful)
But still…you didn’t need to handle me like that.
YOU (talk_apathetic)
I could report you and get you done.
@KANE is eyeroll_sarcastic
KANE (talk_flirt_charming)
You could try and report me, but in my defence…as I said I tried to remove you you refused and and attacked me so I had no choice but to do it myself.
YOU (talk_airquotes)
I didn’t attack you…
YOU (talk_explain_neutral)
I simply gave you a slight nudge.
KANE (talk_doubtful)
You shoved me…it’s still classed as an attack.
@YOU is react_angry_shakefists
YOU (talk_argument_angry)
Oh go fck yourself!
&zoom on 114 101 to 173% in 3
@YOU walks to spot 0.572 97 205 in 3 and YOU is walk_angry_loop
KANE (talk_shrug_neutral)
Oh by the way?
@YOU faces right and YOU is idle_armscrossed_angry_loop
@pause for 1
KANE (talk_agree_happy)
You’re barred.
YOU (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
Your clubs a sh
t hole anyway.
KANE (eyeroll_sarcastic)
Says the one who refused to leave.
@YOU is eyeroll_subtle
&zoom on 73 156 to 340% in 1
@YOU faces left and YOU is text_phone_neutral_loop
@pause for 3
@zoom on 193 240 to 340% in 0
KANE (talk_think_neutral)
What’re you doin’?
@zoom on 72 156 to 340% in 0
@YOU is eyeroll_sarcastic
@YOU faces right
YOU (sigh_disappointed)
You’re still here?
YOU (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
For your information I was textin’ my friend whose still in there.
@zoom on 193 240 to 340% in 0
KANE (talk_shrug_neutral)
I could always let you in to go find her.
@zoom on 72 156 to 340% in 0
YOU (talk_airquotes)
Well I would, but you barred me remember?
@zoom on 193 240 to 340% in 0
KANE (talk_angry)
Just text your damn friend and tell her where you are!
@zoom on 72 156 to 340% in 0
@YOU is text_phone_neutral_loop
@pause for 2
YOU (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
Done, now I just gotta wait.
@zoom on 190 245 to 341% in 0
&zoom on 208 257 to 295% in 1
@pause for 1
&overlay CALL ICON opacity 1 in 0.5
@pause for 1
@overlay CALL ICON rotates 3 anchor point in 0.1
@overlay CALL ICON rotates -3 anchor point in 0.1
@overlay CALL ICON rotates 3 anchor point in 0.1
@overlay CALL ICON rotates -3 anchor point in 0.1
@overlay CALL ICON rotates 3 anchor point in 0.1
@overlay CALL ICON rotates -3 anchor point in 0.1
@KANE is read_phone_neutral_loop


&zoom on 186 243 to 345% in 1
@KANE is text_phone_neutral_loop
@KANE is listen_phone_sigh

the overlay is meant to be tappable but when you tap it nothing happens and it doesn’t change into a darker shade of colour like how tappable overlays should be

What is the problem?

Yeah I forgot to mention that part lol sorry.
I’m trying to have the reader answer the call by tapping on the caller icon that’s placed on the screen above the characters head, but when I tap it the overlay isn’t changing into a dimmer colour as it does when overlays are tapped


No, I never normally have to

@overlay CALL ICON opacity 0 in 0

So when someone will tap on it, it will fade away or you can do whatever you want.
You can even shift it outside the screen after making it’s opacity 0. So that no one can tap on it later.

Will that work though? They have to tap it to make it work?

Basically here you write, whatever you want to do after tapping on the overlay. So, I guess it will work. Try it. If it doesn’t work, then show me a picture of the code.

Once my phones charged a bit more, I’ll give it a try.
I mean I tried it before and it only worked if you tapped the edge of the overlay :unamused:

Then I guess you have to crop the overlay.

like cut it down?

Cut it into the exact size. Don’t keep any extra area.
For an example:

Ok I’ll get to that now as I’ve just turned my phone on


It doesnt work :tired_face:

can you please give here your call overlay? I will try to test it .

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Here you go, hope you can figure it out 🤦

Hi I tested it and it actually seems to me be working just fine.

when I tapp around the overlay nothing happens when I tapp the overlay it starts to zoom.

It doesnt cange the color but it is more ike bug than problem of the script - maybe it has someth
ing to do with tle lowering of the memory size and overall quality of episode in last days

if you want more visible efect just make it disapear with overlay changed to zero after being touched as mentioned abode - I also tested this and was also working fine.

I don’t understand why it’s not working on my side. I’ve tried everything.

so when you tap it it doesn’t move to the zoom?