Tappable overlay trouble

Here’s a part of my story I’m currently stuck on, where it says “pass code: 02569” I’m unable to type in the pass code and the narration bubble is still there…any suggestions?

Using tappables like this will be very time consuming. I believe the only way to do it will be to have a label before the tappable, and have the tappables like this, but under 0 put them all again and the rest have a narrator saying ‘incorrect’ goto beginning or something similar. Then under 0 where you have them all again you will put the overlays again under 2 and the rest saying ‘incorrect’ goto beginning. And continue on for each number. If you are set on doing it, it is possible to code it. However, there is another way you can do it. You can not use tappables, just have them as an overlay for decoration sort of and use this:

label type_password

Password: 02569

input Enter the password. | Enter the password. | Unlock (PASSWORD)

if (PASSWORD is “02569”) {
else {


goto type_password



Edit: if you want to code it and the narrator bubble is causing an issue, you can move it by clicking ‘show helpers’ then ‘speech bubbles’ and you can move/scale it as need be.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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If you make tappable choice andf do not want to have narrator there you have to add something between the narrator and the tappable .
like @pause for 1 for example.

I hope youare aweare that the tappable as you have it will not work to make the code to be entered - because there is no code for any of the overlays so there is no action going to happen after reader tapps it…I guess youhavent started to code it so therefore it is like this…

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