Tappable Overlays between zones?

Im kind of making a scene where the characters can interact through tappable overlays. One overlay just so happens to be between zone 2 and 3 of the background. Is there a way to place the position of the overlay between 2 zones? Im using tappable [pan:1:3] so users can pan between the zones.

Can you just use spot position?

for example:
@overlay BABY FOOT SWADDLE shifts to -176 3 in zone 2
@overlay BABY FOOT SWADDLE scales to 1.432 1.432 in zone 2

i need to specify which zone it is or it defaults to zone 1, but its between 2 zones. If no ones has an idea, i guess i can just put it on the end of zone 2 and hopefully it overlaps into zone 3. maybe that would work out.

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