Tappable overlays doesn't work :( (SOLVED)

This topic may be similar to other topics but the solutions aren’t working for me.
I followed Joseph Evans’ tutorial on howto make overlays tappable but it’s not working :frowning:

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Try previewing it in your phone. I think tappable options don’t work on the web previewer

Hi! I can’t seem to find this story of mine in the create window. It’s still a draft though. :frowning:

what does all those labels do?

label to go back in deciding which outfit to wear the label to proceed to the story

Can I see the entire script for the clothing change. also what spicific is it there does not work?

The overlays that are supposed to be tappable aren’t tappable.

Everytime I try to choose the pink one, the character kept on wearing the blue one :(((

How big is the overlay, sometimes there is a lot of empty space around the ovlerya which still count as overlay

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I usually use the 640 x 1136 as the background for my overlay so that I won’t have a hard time in placing them manually.

Is your character really called “FEMALEAVATAR” or you just forgot to change it to VASHANTI?

That’s probably your problem. Any transparency in your overlay is still tappable so if both overlays overlap, the one that’s at the highest layer is the one that will register the tap

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It’s FEMALEAVATAR. Vashanti is a supporting character.

I didn’t know. Thankyou! I should try cropping both of them then.

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Thankyou very much! <3 It worked!

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No worries, glad to hear that

If it’s not too much, @overlay OVERLAYNAME create from OVERLAYNAME can’t seem to be working :frowning:

Have you added in the opacity command?

Hi, one last thing huhu sorry. I already placed the blank overlay on where it was supposed to be but the overlays I created from BLANK doesn’t seem to be working. Do I need to replace the BLANK overlayname as MALE1 and MALE2?

Yes :point_up_2: You’ll have to do that now