Tappable Overlays Mini Game

Hey all, I’m trying to add a mini game to my story with tappable overlays & every time I try to preview it in the app I either get a writer error message that skips the entire game, or the tapping & panning doesn’t work. I’m not even really sure if I’m doing this right bc it’s my first time adding something like this.

Anyone know what it is I’m missing ?

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Hi, could you copy the code?

Do you want them to go back to the start of the game after they click a choice?

You mean like paste all of that?

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No, what I wanted to do was that if they DIDN’T click on every item a message would come up telling them to make sure they click all the items. Once they click all the items, I want the game to end & go to the next scene.

Okay well, by my understanding, I think it should be:

if (all the gains) {
goto next_scene
} else {
Make sure to click ALL of the items
goto tappable_game

So that if they have all the gains they can continue

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Also a tip from a fellow reader an author, I find it very annoying when readerMessages pop up every couple seconds reminding me of the same thing each time and I know others do too. :grin:

Thanks, I’ll try that!

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What do you mean by that?

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Okay, finger crossed :crossed_fingers:

So for the way you want it, it would be after you click an object, if you don’t have all the items then you get the readerMessage reminding you that you have to get them all. But if I click them really fast then the bubble will keep reappearing and I just find that very annoying that’s all :persevere:

OH, I had no idea, I definitely don’t want that happening!!:joy: that would be super annoying. I’ve seen in other stories where if you only click 4/5 and you try to end the game it’ll tell you you missed something but it only comes up once, but I def did it wrong :joy::joy:

If you wanted to do that, I have an idea for it but it would be pretty complicated lol

That’s ok you’ve already done enough lol! Thanks so much for your help, I can just take the unnecessary part out :slight_smile:

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Alright! It’s no problem :grin: Did it work atleast? :pleading_face:

I haven’t tried it in the app yet but I’m sure it will! :heart:

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Okay! Well if it doesn’t I can try and suggest something else! :blush:


Okay, thank you

So I actually just tested it, and it only lets me click on one item then it ends the game /:

Okay hmmm. Can you screenshot your script again? Or paste it