Tappable overlays not working, help me please

So I understand how to use overlays and tappable one, it’s not my first time using it. But I can’t tap on this one and it’s not on the right spot, even though I already coded it. And the speech bubble is not showing

please help?


&overlay PLAY create
&overlay SKIP create
&overlay PLAY opacity 1
&overlay SKIP opacity 1
&overlay PLAY scales to 0.460 0.460
&overlay SKIP scales to 0.460 0.460
&overlay PLAY shifts to 45 255
@overlay SKIP shifts to 45 132
@pause for a beat
@speechbubble is 171 269 to 82%
Do you want to read episode 8?
“PLAY” {
Enjoy episode 8!
goto episode_8
“SKIP” {
See you in episode 9!
goto skip_8

I’m not sure but maybe @JemU776 or @Scarlet_Sapphire can help?

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:thinking: I ran that code, and it worked perfectly for me (I subbed in other overlays that I had).

So your code is fine, it might be the writer’s portal acting up, I’d suggest a standard check:

  • If you refresh your page and try again, does anything change?
  • If you preview it in the app, does it work there?
  • If you sub in another random overlay, is anything different?

:woman_shrugging: I feel like the writer’s portal has been slightly evil lately lmao.

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When I saved it and review it on my phone it’s still like that :sob: I swear the portal has been treating me bad lately

Could this be your problem?


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I’ll try it out

Closed: Marked as solved by thread op :v: