Tappable overlays PLEASE HELP

I don’t knwo why but since I shared my story with my beta tester there are more and more errors occuring even though I didn’t change anything in the script and when I tested it before it worked just fine…

My problem this time is:
I have a pannable tap overlay. When I test it on my phone I can pan around the screen but cannot tap on the overlay. And when I test it on the web previewer I can’t even pan around the screen…

My script:


&overlay CLOSE create
&overlay CLOSE shifts to 862 515 in 0
&overlay CLOSE opacity 1 in 0

readerMessage Pan around the screen to see all photos.
readerMessage Tap on the red cross when you’re done.


@transition fade out black 1


Has anyone had similar problems after sharing an unpublished story?

I don’t know what’s wrong with it … maybe put the opacity before the shifts and scales thing

Oh and you forgot the scale

I found the problem now… The OL was placed to high to be reached using a phone somehow.

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Oh … Well that’s good !!

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Happy you found the problem.

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Closed: Marked as solved by op @Martini_98 :v: