Tapping on emojis doesn't work


Since there are the new emojis, I can’t use them by just tapping on them on my phone anymore. I have to write the name of the emoji, so using the list doesn’t work anymore.
Does anybody else have this problem?



Maybe you have a glitch because it seems that no one else has run into this problem :thinking: The forum glitches on my phone, it’s much easier to work it on a desktop or laptop.

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That happened to me last night but I was roaming and had a weak signal, not sure if that is the cause. Can you and anyone else experiencing this PM me with the date/time it happened for you and which emoji’s were affected? Thanks and sorry! :crying_cat_face:



It’s been like this for a few days and it doesn’t make a difference if I have a good or weak signal, I’ve already checked that.
And all emojis are affected, if I don’t know their name I can’t use them…
But thanks for trying! :slight_smile: At least I know how to get that emoji lol



Mine too, I can tap on the emojis but can’t really scroll down, it’s been days as well…

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I can scroll down, but tapping doesn’t work :slightly_frowning_face:

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Well the only thing I can do is type out the emoji, I can’t really scroll down but I can click on the left side…

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It’s working for me now! :partying_face: