Tara explains: Ifs, elses, gains, labels, gotos and the points system!

great, thank you!
I ended up using the point system because my character hasn;t encountered any choices yet!
thank you! :blush::star_struck:

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Hello Tara :smile:
Can I ask you a favor?
I want you to write me a code of something I’ll explain now, because I’ve tried to do it but
it didn’t work for me at all.
The thing I want for example, you’re in a game and you have to make the right choice
but if you choose the wrong choice I want that choice to lead you to the checkpoint of episode,
Should I use labels or if\else?

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Something like this:

label adventure

Pick the path.

“The Right Path”{

}“The Wrong Path”{

Wrong way!

goto adventure


:thinking: I’d use a label and goto in regards to checkpoints when someone selects something wrong and they need to do it again.

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Yeah I know how to do that, what I want is a choice to make you replay the whole chapter.

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I’m not sure I fully understand your question, but I think you’d need something like @JemU776 suggested - you’d just need to label the start of your episode, and use a goto if the wrong choice is selected. If the game is harder (and they need to select/do multiple things to reach the checkpoint) I’d recommend using a points system (so e.g. the MC gains a point for each task they complete) then use an if/else choice at the checkpoint to determine whether they can continue - if they earn more than X points they can, if not you send them back to the beginning using a goto Y where you use ‘label Y’ at the start of the episode. Is this what you meant? Feel free to PM me or shoot me a message on Instagram (@tarastarofficial) if you need more help!


Found this.
It’s the same way Jem and Tara explaine. Except this thread breaks it down.


hi sorry to bother you but im trying to do a “goto” in my script but it’s not working
please help!

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the label shouldn’t have parentheses

hi i have a question what about gem choices and adding goto labels like
My MC has a gem choice outfit and in that scene you can get to know the love interest more and unlock a scene secret place of love interest?
I don’t know if this made sense?

How could i let the readers know their current character points with a certain character?

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@TaraStar what am I doing wrong?

What happened? Where am I?
Don't worry miss....
So... what's your LAST name?

label last_name_input
input What’s Your Last Name?|What’s Your Last Name?|Done(LASTNAME)
if (LASTNAME is “”) {
You do need a name.
goto last_name_input
} else {
miss (LASTNAME), Like I said I’m here to aid you until you learn to control this condition.

Episode Directing Troubles:

Overview: Specifically having trouble with choices that reflect back on previous choices using if/elif/else, and I am having trouble with incorporating the relationship point system into one of the branches.

I would be forever grateful if someone could offer help or point out my mistake(s), also if no one can figure out what’s wrong with my (wacky) coding, could you offer an alternative way to approach my scene?? Thank you so much!

Actual images of my coding:

(Not really brief) explanation of my episode: (previous couple scenes) Girl has arrived to live at her Aunt’s and Uncles home. She can choose at start whether to greet them meanly or be nice. (Scene I am stuck on) Now girl is on to her first day of school, she has to choose an outfit. Her Aunt wants her to wear a (ugly in girl’s opinion) outfit, girl wants to wear an outfit of her choice. ***Up until here, everything is smoothly working but now it branches into two choices (wear Aunts outfit, or girls choice). If girl chooses to wear her Aunts outfit it works fine (I am using code “if” and a gain “AuntsOutfit”) and story continues normally. BUT if girl chooses to wear her own outfit, (heres were things get messy) the outcome of this choice depends on whether the girl was nice to her Aunt at the beginning of the chapter. If girl was nice the Aunt should let her wear her (girl) wear the outfit, if girl was mean the Aunt should make her change into the outfit the Aunt wanted her to wear. INSTEAD, none of this section of the choice works! It just follows the line of “Wear Aunts Outfit”, girl would end up choosing the outfit she wanted but go through the wrong pathway (if she chose to wear Aunts outfit).

Golly! Wow! Hope I didn’t confuse you too much! If I did, it’s just cause I am so confused my self! I am begging anyone to please help! It would mean so much to me, and I’d be willing to help you too (to the best of my abilities) whether you have a book that needs reading or someone to comment on your book or anything!

:hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus::hibiscus:Moxiegirl <3

Thank you TaraStar for the help on understanding how to do these. I really appreciate it!

Hi! I’m writing a story atm and I’m using labels in the intro (customize characters or start the episode). The problem is that I am using the label system but it’s not working! What is weird is that I don’t get an error, it just doesn’t work.

I used a label in the customize choice, when you are done customizing your character to go back to the main menu. So it goes like this:

label main_menu


(customize character blabla)

transition fade out white in 2

goto main_menu



I really don’t know what the issue is and i’ve been trying to figure it out the whole day :weary: so if anybody has any idea, please reply, tysm!! :two_hearts:

What’s not working? The only thing I noticed with your script is the transition needs a “@” before it.

no worries I figured it out, thank you! :blush:

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No problem!