Tara explains: Ifs, elses, gains, labels, gotos and the points system!


Thank you so much! It’s really worked now! :slight_smile: I will let you know when i have any problems :slight_smile:


Will this branching work through out all the episodes?


I believe so - it should work, I hope. As far as I know, the only coding that I’ve written about that won’t work through episodes is when I did an article on how to have choices that matter without complex coding. Other than that, usually coding I write about should work throughout a story.


Hey, can any of you guys explain how i can show the reader how many points they have. Is there a special command to show how many points like in the ruby tiara where the author at the end of the episode said you had (number of points)/37


Unfortunately a shortcut for this doesn’t exist at the minute - the only way is to use lots of if/else coding so that if the reader has a certain number of points then a narrator box says a message announcing this number of points. But creating that coding can be time consuming if there are lots of points up for grabs in your story!


Thank you for this guide, @TaraStar. I really wanted to know more about the points system.


No problem, I’m glad to help!


IF my story had three romantic choices, how would I use points or gain to decide who the character will end up with?


Hi, @TaraStar, I have a question.
How can I use points to compare characters? Like if CHARACTER1 and CHARACTER2 have the same points or not, stuff like that.
And also, how could I reset gains and points?


You can’t reset gains/lose them-once they are gained, they are there for good : )

Although, you could like this thread that supports losing gains:

But yes, there is a way to reset points:


*CHARACTER is just an example; it can be any person that is part of your story, like the character YOU.

@YOU =0

Once you write this, it automatically clears any points that the character earned and resets their points gained back to 0.

Another thread that explains the point system:

Anyway, good luck with everything!


Personally, I would use a points system and allocate points to each of the love interests as the MC and love interest bond/get closer. When a certain number of points has been reached, I’d then let that decide to unlock special scenes with love interests, and depending on the number of points each love interest had, then that would decide who you end up with. I’m not an expert on this, so I’d maybe recommend heading over to Episode help pages on Instagram and sending them a DM so they can try and tailor what method you would use to your story.


Hi there,

I have a question about the point system.
When I use the (@YOU >1) option it does go through the scene I made. But When the scene comes to an end It cuts of the story. It won’t continue to what I made after the } .

Do you perhaps know what to do about this?


Is this correct?
Also do I have to make a not somewhere in the game to where to earned the point? Or possibly make a label like you do with the choosing clothes game?

"Tell him" {

    MELODY (talk_armraised_sad)
Someones been sending me some weird messages 
    MELODY (talk_whisper_unsure)
    Then they sent me a dead rat 
    TROY (talk_confused_mindblown)
    A Dead Rat! 
    TROY (talk_explain_neutral)
    Look maybe it's just some weird kid crushing on you 
    TROY (talk_agree_happy)
    I'll keep an ear out for you 
    MELODY (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
    Thanks Troy that means alot 
    @MELODY +1
 "Lie" {
    MELODY (talk_apathetic)
    Oh just walking around 
    TROY (talk_unsure)
    Umm okay. 
    TROY (talk_apathetic)
    April told me about the weird stuff happening 
    MELODY (talk_complain_angry)
    Nothings happening, I'm fine 
    TROY (talk_agree_happy)
    Okay, I'll keep an ear out for you just in case
    MELODY (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
    Sure Troy 
    @MELODY -1 



I’m not entirely sure if this has anything to do with this thread but. If you have a choice, for example, “This story uses strong language, are you ok with this?” “Yes or No.” If they pick NO, how would you change the story from all the strong language?

This story uses strong language, are you ok with this?

gain bad_words


gain no_bad_words

then later:

if (bad_words) {
Strong language dialogue

} else {
No strong language dialogue
#continue story

you have to bring the if/else every time when you use strong language


I just copied and pasted yours and this is what it says


The “m” in readerMessage needs to be capitalized.


ohhh thanks!


That coding seems fine to me, but test it out on your portal just to make sure. You don’t have to create a specific game for the reader to earn points - the coding you’ve using of @CHAR +1 is fine and should work, and but you’ll need to use the if command (and maybe gains) if you want to refer back to the points a character has later on in the story.


Hmmm, I’m not quite sure what you mean… could you describe in a bit more detail the error that appears and I’ll try and help you if I can!