Tarot Cards & divination

Anyone else here read or collect tarot?

Do you have any fun decks, or decks you want?

Anyone wanna exchange readings?

I have some pendulums and I like to paint my own Ouija board too!

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Same thing really.

I have a Force Awakens one, it’s my favorite blanket.

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Of course. Mine is cozy flannel!!!

I do divination since I was a kid :smiley: I have many tarot spreads. But my favorite divination cards are Le Jeu Destin Antique.
From Tarot I use Tarot del Art Nouveau. I have others too, but these are so small and are easy to mix* with hands. (I don’t know correct word).

I used to live with divination on daily basis. But since I’m mother, I don’t have time for them. I still collect them and I go complete crazy when I find new deck in a shop.

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The art Noveau cards are gorgeous :heart_eyes: I want a copy so bad. Right now I’m mostly using my Bohemian Cats tarot, but I’m trying to find a different deck to use since that one has gone up in collectors value, I am too anxious to use them in case I damage the cards. :frowning:

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I suggest Le Jeu Destin Antique - those which I showed first. Divination comes so natural with them, those cards talk. :smiley: And are from Piatnik, so I’m sure you can order them somewhere online.

It’s hard to tell in the pic, but are they small? I like a deck that can easily fit in my purse. I always have one on me, in case I need to kill time.

They are normal card size :heart:

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Oh shiiiit, I LOVE getting my cards read. Something about it is really relaxing to me, plus it’s pretty cool.

Wow !

How can someone read my cards ?!
That sounds magic !

I love that someone started this thread! My favorite deck as of late is the Golden Thread Tarot by Labyrinthos, I’m normally a believer in gifted or found cards but as soon as I saw them I knew I had to buy them, I prefer minimalism in the art of a deck and these are so beautiful, standard size and a bit pricey but I like a substantial card and these were worth it. Does anyone else have any superstitions when it comes to maintaining a deck or interesting spreads? When I was in high school, we used to hit up the Saturday market and do dollar readings for yes or no questions with the Rider-Waite, I’m down for that if anyone wants a quick reading.

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I can do a reading for you if you’d like. What kinda question would you like to ask? If you’re unsure what kind of question to ask, this page has a list of good example questions.

I can read palms :confused: