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Welcome to TASKMASTER!
This is something different. Just a light-hearted, comedic RP!


Taskmaster is a British comedy panel game show, which stars comedian and actor Greg Davies in the role of the Taskmaster, issuing simple, comedic and bizarre tasks to five contestants each show – usually comedians – with Alex Horne acting as Davies’ assistant and the umpire during the challenges. The simple and bizarre challenges are usually performed in isolation, but occasionally in teams – are designed to encourage the players to think creatively to complete the task.
A quick trailer, which was for series 5.

A breakdown of the show

Each episode starts with the Prize Task, where each contestant donates a prize to offer up following a given theme – e.g. the contestant’s most unusual item; their most treasured item; their trendiest item of clothing etc – and are all awarded to the winner of the show. Then three or four pre-filmed tasks follow, usually taking place in and around the Taskmaster house. Tasks are delivered to the players in an envelope with a wax seal, which the player reads aloud:
e.g. "Fewest steps to the soup”, “create a Nursery Rhyme video”, “Get the balls up a hill”, or “Buy The Best Present”.
After the tasks are shown to the audience, the players justify their creative methods and argue to Davies – and among themselves – as to why they did best. After all the attempts at the task have been seen, judgement is passed by Davies and points are awarded (or players disqualified) accordingly.
The final challenge is performed live in the studio. In the event of a tie, the winner is decided by a special tie-breaker task, which may either be pre-filmed or performed live.

How I will recreate it …

I’m changing it to a six-episode show, with the first five shows having different guests/competitors, while I’ll play Greg and Alex.
This will be more SG than RP, but YOU create the SG part and I just collaborate with you. The thread will take place in the Taskmaster studio in front of the audience, and this will be the RP part. Reacting and justifying your challenge choices - in light humour. I will issue the challenges in a PM, and you write how you’d complete it. I will then summarise (or add bits to) them and post it to the thread. Points will be given with no rationalisation, and a winner found. In addition to the prizes for each episode, the winner will return for the sixth episode of the show to battle the other champions.
This is just a bit of fun, and something different in the way of format and story.

The Taskmaster house and studio setup. Here you go.

There will be six shows with five characters, guests, per show.

Episode One

Craig Childers - @Tellyg47
Talan Lovejoy - @KBaldi93
Kendall Mendez - @Mimi0829
Alexander Allen - @Episode.BriarRose
Tyson Florrick - @amberose

For other episodes

Maia Rose Iverson - @Leea
Carterson Richard McLaney - Leea
Eric Rayes - @jdepisode - if you want to have character again?!
Bucky-James Carter - @Miss.Moonlight
Skylar (Skye) Taylors - @Skyye
Andy Simmon - amberose
Denise Marner - amberose


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Taskmaster ~ RP ~ Sign-ups/Chat

A very tall and friendly man stood centre stage, staring down the camera. “Hello, I am Greg Davies and this is Taskmaster. In this show, I, Greg Davies, make accomplished but needy comedians do stupid things for me. Why? Because I can. Look at me, I’m a powerful man. Thank you."
"They have no idea how each other did, but they will soon find out. I shall be judging both what they did and how they did it. My word is final. the contestants will definitely respect me.”
“Let’s meet them now…” The camera switches over to the comedian on the left. There are five red, dining room-like chairs, which they’re each sitting on. The cameras continue to switch between Greg and each person he’s introducing. “First, a man who’s look was stolen by David Beckham, such a pity the voice wasn’t stolen as well, it’s Craig Childers. Next, a man who didn’t bother to dress up for the show, clearly thinking his show was more important. It’s not, don’t switch over. It’s Talan Lovejoy. A woman who once presented the MTV awards wearing about the same amount of fabric as one of my gloves, almost killing her 54-year-old co-host. It’s Kendall Mendez. This man is weak, pathetic, and grovels at my feet. No, wait, that’s the other Alex. It’s Alexander Allen. And finally, if a woman sleeps with ten men she’s a slut, but if a man does it… He’s Tyson Florrick.”

Greg walks over to his throne-like seat and sits down. Next to it is a smaller one, and they are both facing the five guests’ chairs.
"And of course, I am both aided and massaged by my assistant, Alex Horne.” Alex had got up and was now standing behind him, weakly massaging Greg’s shoulders. There is a short pause. “Shall we have a little bit of banter?”
Alex quickly sits back down in his chair, before starting. “Okay. … Whoa. … So, umm … thanks, umm, thanks for giving me this opportunity.”
Greg shrugs his shoulders. “You’re welcome.” They sit there awkwardly for a bit. Greg is trying hard not to burst out laughing at this semi-staged awkwardness. “So, Alex, tell us about the first task.”
Alex looks down at the iPad in his hands and then back at Greg. “Okay, well, I think you’re tremendous, and as it will always be, the first task is the prize task. Each of the contestants has brought in one of their own possessions for the prize haul, and they’re going to be awarded points depending on how impressed you are by them.
“Yeah,” Greg agreed.
Alex continued, “And tonight, you’ve asked them to bring in their most beautiful item. So who’s beautiful item would you like to see first?”

ORP: Like this post and Greg will know to ask your character first?

@Tellyg47, @KBaldi93, @Mimi0829, @Episode.BriarRose, and @amberose


Greg looks at the five of them. “Let’s start with Craig, what did you bring?” Just before Craig starts speaking, the picture of his ‘item’ is shown on the screen on stage, behind the group.



“Well Greg it’s a picture of me when I was little of course. Don’t you see the resemblance?” He ask?


He smiles through tightened lips before saying, “You think that the most beautiful thing you own is a photo of yourself as a child? Do you think the others would be pleased to win this as a prize?”



Craig let out a long laugh, and glance at the others. “See Greg my mom once told me, if you have four eggs in a basket and break everyone, than now it’s only me.” Craig said staring at Greg. “No. I don’t think they would be pleased unless they have the same son as me, I use this picture and duct tape, and put it on my son face. It work all the way through college.”

Taskmaster ~ RP ~ Sign-ups/Chat

Greg laughed, as did Alex. He held up his A5-sized Taskmaster card, which he used to jot down notes during the show, to sort of stifle his laugh. “It’s just a shame that you weren’t a better-looking kid! Next, Talan, what is your item?” Just before he speak, this picture of his ‘item’ comes up on the screen.

@Tellyg47 and @KBaldi93


I looked and saw my watch was the next item. “See Greg that watch is the o my thing I have from my dad he died and he gave it to me. But it’s just so shiny and beautiful. Of course It’s the most beautiful thing I have”.



“That’s a good reason.” Greg started to smirk. “Though what happens if someone else wins this show and ultimately, your father’s watch.”

“There’s actually only a one in five chance that he’ll win the show.”

He turned Alex looking serious, which was basically mock-seriousness. “Did I permit you to speak?”

“No, sir.” He looks down at his iPad.

“Good.” He turns back to Talan. “There’s actually only a one in five chance that you’ll win the show.” The audience laughs.



“Well Greg if they win the watch then I can said adios to my pops and he can just haunt whoever owns it. And yes I know there’s a 1 and 5 chance of winning thanks for the reminder though!”



Alex was laughing, as is Greg, who is also hitting his leg with his Taskmaster card. “I can’t wait for someone else to now win and get haunted by your father. … Who’s next? How about you, Tyson?” A picture of his ‘item’ comes up on the screen. “I’m predicting that there’s similar reasoning to yours as Craig’s had.”

@KBaldi93 and @amberose

Taskmaster ~ RP ~ Sign-ups/Chat


“Similar, yes… ish,” he admitted. “See, my reflection is by far the most beautiful thing in my house, and possibly the most beautiful thing in my entire street. But I guess since beauty is subjective, I have to consider that now when you look at it, it’s probably what you would consider most beautiful…” He paused. “You’d be wrong, of course. But they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder…” Tyson shrugged, as if the statement didn’t make sense, then added, “And it’s definitely not in the form of childhood photos.”



“Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and today, I am the beholder.” Greg tapped the card on the armrest of his chair and said smugly, “So, Tyson, guess who is currently in last place?!”




“The two who haven’t gone yet?” he guessed. “Can’t be in front if you haven’t even spoken.”



“No, they’re surprisingly beating you too at the moment,” Greg told him seriously, trying not to laugh. “But let’s see, shall we? Kendall, what’d you bring?” The screen behind them shows this picture before she speaks.

@amberose and @Mimi0829

Taskmaster ~ RP ~ Sign-ups/Chat

She speaks as she sees the picture of her item appears
“This is a statue that’s been passed down for years and it’s so beautiful. It’s even made out of real gold!”


He seemed impressed. “Real gold, really?!” He looked to Alex, waiting for him to confirm it.

Alex tapped on his Ipad before looking at Kendall and then Greg. “Well, yes and no.” He looked back at his Ipad. “It has been covered in gold leaf, which is quite inexpensive.” Greg pursed his lips and looked smugly at Kendall. The audience laughed at the scene.



In embarrassment she stated “Gold leaf, actual gold who am I to know the difference!” And laughed


“Well, clearly your family aren’t as thorough in researching as Alex is. Now for the other Alex. Alexander, what did you bring?” The screen behind shows this picture.

@Mimi0829 and @HermanEpisode



“Well Greg, that you see is the key to my heart one could wear on their neck. Made of pure silver to my knowledge.” He said. “And its also the key to the liquor cabinet.” He then added with a smile.