Taskmaster ~ RP ~ Sign-ups/Chat


I don’t think I can I’m not in the right mindset and school is coming up but I love the idea.


All good, just tagged you just in case. :wink:


Hey, @CrazyCaliope? I’m signing up, and literally finished all the spots except one. The joke one. I have no idea what to put there!


What type of humour-style does your character use?
Take that humour style and google it. For example, if you chose ‘sarcastic’, then google something like ‘the best sarcastic jokes’. :wink:


Ok, thank you! i’ll that!


I submitted!


Awesome, adding him now.
Could you please do the two polls that I linked above too? You’re welcome to create more than one character too, if you want, as RPers will only have one per episode. Plus, every episode has different tasks! :smile:


Okay, so I’ve fallen behind with this because I’ve had no new sign-ups and other RPs/SGs have taken my attention. However, I’m still keen to do this. So…
@L375 and @Etherwalker, can you please create your reserved character(s) so that I can create the RP/SG thing?


@CrazyCaliope I’m very sorry but I think I’ll need to drop my reserve. :sweat:


I think I’ll need to drop mine too, Caliope. I’m so sorry if this causes any trouble!


@Mimi0829 @Leea @Skyye @Miss_Moonlight @amberose @Episode.BriarRose

Are you guys keen to actually start this in the next day or two? :smile:


Yep, sure.


Sure :slight_smile:


Wicked, that’s two three, just need three two more!


Sounds good


Woo. Just need one more!


Okay, Episode one’s cast is decided. I’m working on it now (along with some other writing projects), so I WILL start it this weekend by PMing you the first couple tasks before opening the RP! :wink:

Episode one

Alexander “Alex” Allen - @Episode.BriarRose
Bucky-James Carter - @Miss_Moonlight
Kendall Mendez - @Mimi0829
Tyson Florrick - @amberose
Talan Lovejoy - @KBaldi93




@Episode.BriarRose, @Miss_Moonlight, and @Mimi0829, can you please reply back to my PM so that we can start the RP?!


Yes, right away.