Taskmaster ~ RP ~ Sign-ups/Chat


Oh ok I can change that up.


Sorry, I just didn’t understand.


Name has been changed, @KBaldi93. :wink:


I’ll respond when I have some time ok kinda busy at work


Nah, no rush, do it whenever. There’s no rush at all. I only tagged you here because I only edited rather than posting again. :wink:


@Mimi0829, @Episode.BriarRose, and @amberose, it’s been a day, can one of please respond to this.


@Mimi0829, I’ve changed the name, please reply!


@Mimi0829 are you on? I know rl is important but if you could please take a few moments out your day that would be greatly appreciated. I really don’t want this to die!


She replied to my PM two days ago, saying she’ll do it after school. :confounded::confounded::confounded: I guess if she doesn’t reply in the next day then I’ll adopt her character out or figure something out!


I’ve brought this Elephant creepy looking thing that’s been passed down in my family for generations. Maybe it’s worth something?


Hey, just a couple things…

  1. You posted this on the wrong thread.
  2. You need to use speech marks. “Like this…”
  3. I think you missed the point slightly. You’re not selling the item, the character is trying to win the task, and they think its the most beautiful item they have!



Alright, so I believe that @Episode.BriarRose does not want to be part of this, as they haven’t replied to the RP, nor my PMs.

So, would anyone want to adopt Alexander “Alex” Allen? It’s a fairly relaxed RP/SG, you only have to check in at least once a day to check that you don’t need to post.

EDIT: He’s been adopted, thanks @HermanEpisode! :wink:


Sure, I’ll adopt him.


Awesome. Have a read through of the RP thread and it’s his turn to answer. Though, would you like me to resend you the first two tasks for you to do or would you like to just BriarRose’s answers?


How dare this actually make me laugh
But could you resend them? Since I wouldn’t know the reasoning behind what she chose.


HAHA! Glad to hear it! Yeah, it’s MUCH lighter than SAW! :laughing::laughing::laughing:
All gravy, I thought that’d be the case. It’d also be more fun for you.


@HermanEpisode, did you want to reply to them or should I just move on?


Just move on since I don’t really know what to have him say


Right, so if anyone wants to comment, they can do so. You can comment on others score if you have a quirky or whatever. If no one does so in 24 hours then I just move on with the scoring.

You can comment with anything you want, no stress about being “funny”. :wink:



I suppose you wouldn’t want me to correct your wording in character though…?