Taskmaster ~ RP ~ Sign-ups


@ShortSpaces, a model is fine. Though can he be part model/part comedian maybe? Only because I’m struggling to see why they’d have a model on this type of show?


Okay then :slight_smile:


Cool. It’s half up :wink:

Random question, what influenced you to create a Russian character?


You should delete what I submitted… There’s an anime character and he’s called Viktor Nikiforov and he’s Russian… yeah thats it you can delete if you want :joy:


Oh, you want me to? You don’t want to create this one, you’d rather a different one?


Wait nevermind don’t delete it :joy: Sorry, and can you reply to the adventure RP thing?


Okay, I won’t. :smile:

Oh, FUCK! Looking for it now!


Thank you, Rosie, both your characters are up.