TATOO HELP - Adding Them on Characters



So some of the stories I read have characters with tattoos. Does anyone know how to add tatoos on characters and hopefully it stays on them through the whole story?


Here is another post like yours:


Aw that sucks… :frowning:


No… Cuz Talia only let us see the tattoo on Ian once (Rebounding With Bad). This was a tattoo overlay that u can get through the internet or from making the png yourself. That time she let us see the tattoo, Ian had to stay in one position, so his actions wouldn’t mess up the overlay, and since she let us customize the characters. This is also done in “Love Is A Drug”. :blush:


I think there ARE hidden tattoo clothing but Talia hasn’t won any Directing awards or has been a contest winner, which she should totally be already (cuz let’s be honest, her directing skills are awesome!). Hidden accessories or animations can only be retrieved like that, or by being a featured story. Cuz u can’t just have a spot-on story, you have to be either one of a contest winner, or featured author. :blush:


Hi! You can also feel free to add your input and support to this feature request asking for tattoos! :v:t2: