Tatoo's (Taking Requests)



I’ve made a couple it’s could be LL you want it in or Ink I have examples just ask…I’m not that good but I can do styles

  • I have the right to refuse requests if you are mean and rude towards me

  • I have the right to refuse re-edits

  • Please tag friends of yours if you think they might be intrested

  • if you take others requests or requested it on another thred

  • if you take my art and claim it as yours i havr the right to report you for stealing and I will start adding watermarks


Hello, do you have any examples my lovely?


Yep I do


Wow they’re beautiful. Do you do any tribal designs or anything? It’s fine if not just curious :slight_smile:


Well I do requests so kinda yeah I guess since I do requests


Because I wanted to add some tattoos to a male character ones, like one going over the shoulder and onto the chest. If any of this is making sense haha… and I did want a Phoenix for a back tattoo for a girl.


Okay but what pattern do you want for the boy


I was thinking something like that if possible


I’ll see if I can do it I’m very sorry if I can’t but what clothes is he gonna wear so I can see how I need to do this


No worries if you can’t sweetie, that’s fine… Shirtless is cool. I wont be using it when he’s clothed as the overlays are then hard to place around the clothes