Tattoo ideas for girls


That’s really cool, but this isn’t how you format feature requests.

Here’s a link to the feature request guidelines. You could always move this to another section if you see fit, though.


Hello @Shae2018! This is Sydney the Moderator and we welcome you to the Episode Forums!

It appears that you’re suggesting a tattoo design for the Episodes app to use. If so, you’ll need to follow these Guidelines and correct your title accordingly. Also, add some text to your post explaining exactly what you want.

If you’re not trying to suggest an art design to be used in the Episodes app, then you will need to move it elsewhere. Let me know what you want to do and I’ll be happy to help you! :wink:

Thanks for reading and have a good day :sunglasses:

Topic closed due to incorrect title. Contact @Sydney_H to discuss editing and reopening topic.