Tattoo not appearing

I was just wondering if any one else had the problem of having a tattoo added to your character. Everything would be fine and it showed up on the like example of the outfit but then when I would preview my story or go over it on my phone it wouldn’t be there. Did anyone else experience this problem or just me ? And if so did anyone learn how to fix it !

Is it just one tattoo or have you added multiple ones?

That happens when there is more than one tattoo. You can see it while making the outfit, but it’s not supposed to be there, as there shouldn’t be more than one tattoo, so it won’t appear while previewing.

The same happens with other outfits. If you use a dress on a character, and then add another skirt, you’d be able to see it while creating the outfit. But when you’re previewing the story, it’s unlikely that it’d look the same.
You know what I’m saying?

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I had the bird tattoo on her waist then the tribal wrist one but it’d show up in like the example imagine in the outfit then when I would preview my story it wouldn’t be there anymore .

Yeah, what the preview shows isn’t always guaranteed in the actual story so you can’t rely on that. :sweat_smile: But the tattoos aren’t designed to have multiple layers anyways, so it’s definitely safer to just choose one tattoo and go with that.

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ok! thank you!

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