Tattoo overlay?


So like I’m a new author and I’m curious cause no one tells me if the tattoo thing in ink is an overlay or not. If it is I’d like to have it lol and how i need to code it in the story hopefully this is in the right topic lol


Do you mean the rose tattoo that guys have in INK? If so, this is in fact not an overlay


Then what is it lmao


Just part of the outfits - so when you choose outfits for your characters you will find the tattoo there


Really? Hmm I’ll have to see if i can find it. Sometimes certain outfits don’t appear anymore


I will look it up for you just in case because I may be seeing things :joy:


Lolthat would be awesome thank you


Ooh yup i see it now lol i feel silly now lol


You found it? Also, no problem!



Solved and closed. Moved to Art Resources since it’s about overlays and not scripting. :smiley: