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I’m hoping someone here might be able to help me. A lot of my readers don’t want the tattoo that I have for the MC and I want to be able to give them the option whether or not to keep it. Now I know the tattoos are featured in the clothing so I know I’ll have to use else/if/elif feature but I’m not familiar with it. I was hoping someone would be able to give me like a general template, I need to know how to ask them if they want one or don’t and then what it might look like when I give them clothes choices.
I would really appreciate any help. I will also credit you in my story when I do the template!

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Look for remembering past choices, there’s should be a thread that can help you

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I guess you have two make two different outfits one with tattoo and other one without , in start of story u Could ask it -
Tattoos or not?
“Tattoo” {
gain tattoo
} “Nope” {
And in later part when you are giving them clothing choice -
if(tattoo) {
@CHARCTER changes to clothewithtattoo
} else {
@CHARCTER changes to clothewithouttattoo
U have to add it everytime when you change heir clothes or give them choice :thinking:

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