Tattoos..(in the clothing part)

I’ve looked and couldn’t seem to find tattoos for women…
And I’m thinking there should be more suitable clothing for children as there is only clothing for women or men. And women they have curves so that’s what the clothing looks like, A child isn’t meant to have curves. So maybe add another part where it has male, female, young boy, young girl, Etc


MMMMMHMMMMM! I get what you’re talking about. I hate having to add overlays for women’s tattoos and it’s always awkward loking for kids clothing. I agree with you on this one 100%.

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And there should be like unisex clothes. It’s either man or woman. There should be clothes that are for both. It’s 2018! It should be varied and allow men to wear “women’s” clothes and women to wear “men’s” clothes.

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And maybe even different charachter sizes so you don’t have to use spot directing. They have baby props and stuff but maybe add child sized people.

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Yes!! And for the hair maybe be able to choose if the hair is like highlighted in different colours.


Yes that is a great idea! Also what about different sized people because not every girl is a super model size. Even have the males a thicker body. Both genders could also have more muscular people. And differnt stages of pregnancy it is always huge. I got so many ideas lol


And the bruises on the face shouldn’t be a look. It should be apart of the clothes/accessories part. It would make it easier to add bruises to the body when doing outfits instead of changing the look

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