Tattoos not showing in preview

I’m currently editing my story, and I keep noticing that my characters tattoos are not showing in the preview, but they show up completely fine in edit outfits. Originally I thought it was because I gave her 2 tattoos, the butterflies on the collarbone and the ones on the wrist, along with the nose stud. But they all show in edit outfits, and before today, they all worked fine together and showed up on the preview how they’re supposed to.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Edit: I also just noticed that the italic text effect is also not showing in preview :tired_face: I hope this gets fixed soon.

Sometimes clothes will disappear randomly; at least, that’s what I’ve noticed on occasion when I read on Episode.

Yeah, it’s just weird that it has worked fine until now. I’m just hoping it gets fixed soon :sob:

I think you should check out the story in your phone :thinking:

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Thanks for recommending this! Turns out I just can’t use the collarbone tattoo and a forearm tattoo :smiling_face_with_tear: I tried it with the the other forearm tattoo, and had the same issue.

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I sometimes experience this too and it’s so annoying like your girl just wanna have a body full of tattoos! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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