Taylor's cover/ Splashes [OPEN]

Hi I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy making backgrounds/ cover art if you need one give me a little bit of time complete and I hope to give you he best! Though you don’t need to it would be nice for a little bit of credit but that is optional.Thank you

Or you can:

Fill out the Form here

Look at my exampels here


Hey, I’m actually in need of some backgrounds.

The include:

  1. This story uses sounds and Music

  2. I actually need a large cover for my story. I’m not sure of I want it to look but I want a white rose with blood on it and I want the main character of my story on it. I really don’t want a cliché background. I want something different and I want the name of my story on it ‘TAINTED’

3.The third background I want is one which says this story was created by: Priscillia aka Jaira
and also some credit for your work should also be on it.

I’d also credit you on Instagram if you’d like

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Hi Damian I’d be glad to make your backgrounds and cover, but could you give me details about your main character, like if it is Ink or limelight and how the character looks. Thank you :slight_smile:

Since I don’t have a picture of your main character, this picture is JUST FOR NOW until I can get the descriptions :slight_smile: I hope you like it so far! OH and, the blue outline on the first one will be taken away in the final bacrounds/cover TAINTED1 TAINTED2 TAINTED3

Oh I’m sorry for that. The character is in limelight and these are her features

  1. Skin tone is in copper 02
    Eyebrows are deep brown and arched natural
    Hair is hair flip and colour platinum blonde
    Her eyes are violet and monolid slender
    Her face is diamond
    Her nose is Grecian soft
    Her lips are small heart and pink warm gloss.
    I really like the cover but could you remove the outline and I feel the words are too big. and you could remove the name priscillia- sorry for telling you to include it earlier. The main character is a celebrity so I think the cover should show that but it should also include the white rose with blood dripping

Of course! Sorry for the confusion :):blush:

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Thank you again





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Ohmigosh ! Thank you so much, I love it. What’s your instagram handle so I can credit you.

I dont have Instagram- I’m “To young to have it” (Famous quote by my parents) But you can just put my forums user name . And thank you so much!

Alright, :slightly_smiling_face:thanks by the way.

Hi So do u know how in story’s they have the blurry backgrounds I was wondering if u. An make me one I’ll send u details if u answer❤️

Please can you make a splash, saying This story uses sound.

-Copper 04

-Arch thin black dark

-Short Wavy Ombre Aqua grey

-Female Generic blue deep

-Heart Soft

-Defined Natural

-Full Round Pouty red deep matte

-Diamond Cluster Bracelet Metal Silver aquamarine

-Armored Chest Piece High Neck Metal Blue Navy

-Armor Plated Thighhigh Heeled Boots Metal Silver

-Circular Patterned Gold Choker Metal Silver

-Noveau Gem Pendant Necklace Metal Silver

-Noveau Middle Gem Circlet Metal Silver

-Devil Tail Silver

Please can she have silver headphones on.

She will be idle_headbob_neutral_loop but she will be on the bottom of the screen with only her waist to her head showing. @TINY spot 1.721 157 -199 the coordinates if you need them.

Its limelight

Sorry for such a late reply but I am super busy right now and can’t take any requests