Tea about episode written stories

In the guildlines ynder songs, brands, celebrities, and children it states within the section of real people and places that “celebrities cannot be a plot point or drive the story” and “celebrities may NOT appear as characters”. Well a couple episode-written stories come to mind that have… pretty big influencers as main characters and love interests in stories. Episode doesn’t care what the hell is on their act, as long as it drags in thirsty teenage girls

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I get what you’re saying about the sexually explicit content in some of their official stories. As for the celebrity ones I’m pretty sure they have gotten the rights to make them like the Demi Lovato, Cameron Dallas etc. Otherwise they wouldn’t only be breaking their own rules, they’d be breaking a ton more lol.


There are plenty of other threads for discussing your displeasure with Episode. Please contribute to those instead of creating excessive topics about the same thing. Thanks. :peace_symbol: