Teach me please

Dear Artist,
Before you click off and say “Not another request” I would like someone to help me or kinda teach me how to make art scenes. I have no drawing talet what so ever but i need it so like idk. Please help me



I mean i do some art but it’s very hard to explain and if you really want a art scene or cover go to someones art thread whose examples you like and then request there or I mean I could try to explain how I do it but mine aren’t so good @Jordan3

And yeah like I said you could just ask someone to make you art or post a topic “Need an artist or cover maker”
Then a lot of artist who need to do something might help you. I may do something to you and a lot of people do it for free do it’s easy but sometimes you need to just wait maybe a little but…@Jordan3

I really recommend using an iPad + Apple Pencil if you have one. If not, you can always use your phone. I like using apps like IbispaintX because it’s free and easy to use. There’s also ProCreate but I’ve never personally used it before because it’s a paid app. Also on YouTube, there are a couple of good tutorials out there such as Nighty Edits.

Hope this helped :relaxed:


Yeah Nighty Edits really helped me

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Thank you guys so much

Your art is lovely and thanks for trying to help me

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