Teach me to edit pleasee

Hey, I’ve always wanted to know how these amazing artists make such beautiful edits, i’ve attempted to do it myself several times, but it’s so hard. So i was wondering if there was anyone who could possible teach me basically everything and how to do’s.
I use Krita, Gimp, Photopea.

Thanks in advance! :sunny:

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Hii! I am a writer but sometimes I make some edits since 3 years ago ,so I will tell u what I use to make mine
1.º- The app I use is procreate, it’s a paid app but really the best draw app I ever use, there u can draw and make ur edits, but if u don’t want to pay for the app u can always use IbisPaint, witch is a really cool app too;
2.º- watch tutorials and time lapse of edits, it will help u to learn some methods about editing;
3.º- To take the best quality print screens, code the poses u like on the portal and then take the screen shoot on the “story” sketch that is on your episode app;
4.º- practice and don’t give up, don’t worry about failing and continue practicing, never give up because no one is perfect in the start.
Well I here is what I know, if u need more help u can ask or Dm me on Instagram: @marianepisode :sparkling_heart:


I use procreate, but if you want my time-lapses and some screen recordings on how I do things DM me:)