Team Episode is Looking For Members!

Hi, my name is Alyssa! My brand new art group, Team Episode, is currently looking for members. Before you do choose to join, we have to go over some things.


  • Each Member should show loyalty to Team Episode. You should not join the team in order to spy for another art group. We only recruit those who have respect for everyone.
  • Each Member should be active. Although you may be busy, try to find some time to check in with us, we’re always ready to talk if you’re comfortable.
  • If you have had a record of starting drama or for showing rude and angry traits, you will be immediately turned down from the team. We want people who are happy.

And now, for some usually asked questions.

Will Team Episode be centered around Instagram?
Although we have started on the forums, we have to spread the word of ourselves little by little before we can really manage having an Instagram page. I do think we should get to know each other better before taking that step.

Do we need to be active everyday?
Your Activity for this art group is not needed everyday. All we ask from you is that you’re on every Friday, where we hold a group meeting. It is important you are there for that.

What if I’m no good at art?
Relax! We will not stress you out. We all started out bad, and we can help you out. We’re gonna be there for you!

Is there any drama?
Unfortunately, drama happens on its own. If we say there would be no drama, that’s a lie. We can’t stop drama, but we’re gonna try and prevent it as much as possible. People who want it will start it. We can’t guarantee that Team Episode is a drama free zone, but we will do as much as we can to handle those situations with maturity.

If you’d like to join, just fill this out below, and we’ll see if you’re fit for the team. We are accepting only fifteen members. The jobs we are currently filling are the VP, Advertiser(s), and Artists.

Nickname (optional):
Art You Specialize In:
Why You Wanna Join:
Position (optional):
Why You Want The Position:
Groups You Are In:

I hope you join. :slight_smile:


Hey Alyssa!


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Username: @Sophbee
Nickname (optional): Soph / Sophie
Art You Specialize In: Character Edits / PFP, Banners & Covers
Thread: Sophbee's Art Request Thread | V2.0 | CLOSED TEMPORARILY
Why You Wanna Join: I’ve been looking to join a newly created group as I believe that I could help the group to be one of the best friendly art groups that put the best in helping the community and doesn’t tolerate dramas. I enjoy doing arts and making new friends. I also look forward to be working with you!
Position (optional): VP
Why You Want The Position: I’ve never been a VP before but I believe I could be a good leader to the group. I’m an anti-drama person and I like to keep things organized. If I get the chance, I will make sure that the members not only take art requests, but also have fun doing it and being in the group.
Groups You Are In: Episode Harmony, Epy Heroes

thank you :yellow_heart:


Username: SilverStar
Nickname (optional): Silver or Star
Art You Specialize In: um… Edits? Maybe? Idk?
Thread: what thread? Request thread? I closed it
Why You Wanna Join: cuz I like to join groups
Position (optional): the chatting position?
Why You Want The Position: cuz I basically just do requests whenever and I guess I’m better off chatting and stuff but if u really need someone to do a request, I can help
Groups You Are In: Episode Phoenix, Episode Studio, Episode Creativity, Episode Heroes, I forgot any other groups that I’m in?


~ B U M P I N G ! ~

~ alyssa

Actually, as a group owner it is your job to maintain the group as well as make sure your members refrain from causing drama. So please keep this in mind while being the owner of your group. Thanks. :sunglasses:



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As that question, I meant like I cannot really stop customers from actually beginning it, but, I do know I’m gonna try my best to prevent it.

EDIT: Though, I get what you mean. :slight_smile:


Username: Penny2
Nickname (optional): Nellie
Art You Specialize In: Character Edits, Art Scenes (No custom poses tho), covers, profile pics.
Thread: Character Edits! (OPEN) (My edits are somewhat better now lol)
Why You Wanna Join: I really like making art! Whenever someone does a request for me it makes me really excited, and I want to bring that feeling to other people.
Position (optional): Art maker
Why You Want The Position: I’m not that good at making overlays or anything except for art, lol.
Groups You Are In: Episode Studio, Purple Gummy Bear (I think it closed?)

Username: Livvy613
Nickname (optional): Livvy
Art You Specialize In: Edits
Thread: No threads have any views so…
Why You Wanna Join: I like to help others out with edits. It’s fun and just a good hobby for me.
Position (optional): Member?
Why You Want The Position: I want to make edits
Groups You Are In: None because I’m lonely af

Thank you all so much for having interest in joining Team Episode! It’ll be a pleasure to work with all of you! :blush:


Bump. :slight_smile:

Good luck with the group!


But I feel like this group may die like with a lot of other art groups, but I hope this group doesn’t die though.


We’re just waiting on banners. :slight_smile:

We’ve all established a good and friendly aura towards others, I think we’ll last a while.


Did u already request the banners or r u making them?

That’s good! :ok_hand:t5::wink:

We’ve requested and just received them.

Tomorrow it is being made?

Do you have any examples?