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Can you edit a background?
So the background is this
And I want to remove the things that is on the screen and change it into some characters face, you can decide on what the character faces looks like just make it some crime scenarios where they check the suspect’s information. So the screen should appear like the MC’s looking at the suspect.
In the part where the computer thingy on the bottom screen right, can you make it like it is turned off, just black screen?
And the text above change it into some random crime-suspect-info.
Much love Denize :two_hearts:


Hey is this still open?


If so, can I get an art scene?




Hi I’d like to request a cover! And if it could look kind of like this it would be great
Background: Something that looks like a set but faded
Small/Large/Both: Small
Story Title: The Intern
Story Genre: Romance (with a little bit of comedy of course)
Story Mood: Bright/Happy
Story Description: Veronica is fresh out of college and got her dream internship with the youngest director to win an Academy Award, Callum Scott. What happens when one summer together turns into a blossoming romance? (working on it kinda just made that up)
Character Details:

Cover Information: I’d like them next to each other waist up in the center of the screen with this: but without the background in front of them and id like them to each have one arm around it. Callum is 6,4 and Veronica is 5’4 so please make him tall and her as tall as his shoulders. I’d like her looking up at him with a smirk on her face and if you could put his shades on the top of his head and have him looking down at her he has round piercing eyes and they are taupe. And if they could be contoured that would be amazing!

Font(optional): I’d like “The” in kind of bold letters and “Intern” in a cursive font below it and to the side kind of like this

Thank you so much! I know I’m asking a lot so please take all of the time you need.


_Background: Plain gold background
*Character(optional): no character
Text: Mature themes/ language
Font(optional): Shadows Into Light
*Icons(optional):*no icons
Extra Details:


Actually could I change the board in front of them to this?
Thanks so much!


Hi. I need small cover for my story.


Story Title:
Hearts Desire
Story Genre:
Story Mood:
I am not sure what you mean by that
Story Description:
A girl had a boyfriend but her dad forces her to marry someone else and that he is involved in illegal
Character Details:

Cover Information:

I just want the faces and background changed in this picture. Their poses and clothes stays same just like in the picture


Actually cancelling my request srry.