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Can you edit a background?
So the background is this
And I want to remove the things that is on the screen and change it into some characters face, you can decide on what the character faces looks like just make it some crime scenarios where they check the suspect’s information. So the screen should appear like the MC’s looking at the suspect.
In the part where the computer thingy on the bottom screen right, can you make it like it is turned off, just black screen?
And the text above change it into some random crime-suspect-info.
Much love Denize :two_hearts:


Hey is this still open?


If so, can I get an art scene?




May I request 2 backgrounds please? :blossom:

Background Request Form
Background Description: It’s the inside of a toy shop. There should be display tables and with teddy bears and other toys on them. There could be aisles with toys and dolls too. There should also be a cash register somewhere in the store and I’ll need an overlay of it so I can have someone standing behind it. This is what the toy shop looks like on the outside if that helps:

Outside of Toy Shop

Extra Details: Nothing that I can think of.

Background Request Form
Background Description: A kitchen on a ship. It’s not a cruise ship. It’s a lot older. Think pirate ship. It would look something like this:


I was using this one, but it’s from a popular anime (One Piece) and I think it may cause a little trouble once I publish my story lol :sweat:.

Extra Details: Nothing that I can think of.