Team Members (Sky's Limits Team)

We have a team called Sky’s Limits
We need active members and working on our story that’s coming to episode
We need an extra artist (we don’t wanna dump all the art work on just one person)
Backrounds, overlays, writers, overlays.
There is not leader, we are a TEAM we make the decsions together and help each other out
If you are interested, reply back
(We are asking qeaustions to)

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i can do (edited) art (:

Ok, I’m asking qeaustions
What do you mean by edited?

Not drawn (:
like this

Oh, your like an editer for the charcters, I like that
Ok, not to be creepy but what time is it for you now?

well i live in israel, so 3:30 am (lol), but im (almost) available all the time (: (already infront of my laptop, for class)

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That’s awsome, I live texas (7:23pm)
Well, 2 more queastions
We have a story coming out obvously
And our artist can use the help so she doesn’t have art on top of art
So are willing to work with her and other artist on out story

yes! i love working together :purple_heart:

Yay !, alright, my team agrees that we should add you, but when you get added to the PM
Can you send more of what you do?

Nvm…I can help with the writing.

yes!, i can do pretty much everything edited (from backgrounds to custom clothing to custom poses)
but i want to ask: this isnt like a shop right? you wont take my my examples and put them up (im only asking because some of my examples have copyrighed stuff on them and i dont wanna get in trouble but i can show you guys!, i wont use any copyrighed stuff on what u ask me to do, if you ask!)

We need probably 1 more artist
And overlays person
(What can you do?

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No, this is a team and we work as a team

I can help with writing.

then cool add me (oh btw i can also do overlays)

@Lolkissy, we have a editer for writing but we are look for that so YAYA and are you active on here alot and not to be creepy but what time is it for you now

Are you talking to me lol?

I’m active and it’s 7:37 PM.

No, sorry i replyed to the wrong person sorry, one of our writers are adding you

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