Team Members (Sky's Limits Team)

Alright, I’ll tell the writer to add you to

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Uh hey! I’m interested :))

Great, what can you do?

I can do edited covers, character sheets, pfps, edits and splashes : )

Oh, ok I ask everybody who joins not to be creepy but what time is it for you now
And can you show me what you do

It’s 1:05pm
and here:


I love them!!!

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Thank you!!

Well, everyone loves you so your in and i love your talent

Aw thank you! And awesome, I’m looking forward to it!

@Danielle318 is going to add you when she is near her phone or computer
She is eating dinner right now

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You are added to the pm

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Hey, I’m interested in becoming a writer :blob_sun:

Hi, i need to know (not being creepy)
What is your time is it for you

You’re totally fine. I’m in EST

Alright, when i"m up tomorrow , I’ll add you to Grroup rn everyone is busy doing their own thing right now, i don’t know how to add people to the chat and i hope you like the group (we are all werid)

I’m interested! I can help with coding and help with overlays.

I’m interested! I can help with art as well :))
If u need examples lmk and I’ll happily provide them.