Team Two Art Contest! **OPEN**


Hello episodians!

I’m writing an episode story called: “Team Two” and I would like to host an art contest for it!

Story Description:

Melanie is an average New York City cop. She has a good life…until Josh (a superhero from the future!!) tells her everything about a crime master who plans to destroy all life and matter. The two work together to save the galaxy!

The two main characters MUST be in the art together! However you want them!

Main Characters:


Melanie is a New York City cop. She never got into any serious relationships, but she is very confident and sweet. She doesn’t have lots of friends, but likes it that way. She lives alone with a degree in justice. You can change her pose. I’d like it if she had a gun though. (Gun is optional!)


Josh is the most confident boy you’ll ever meet. He’s mature and funny at the same time. Josh is always up for a good time. But he is also a super hero saving the day from daily crime. You can change his outfit however you want, but his superhero outfit is this:

This is his character without the superhero outfit:

Due Date

August 27 (if you need more time just tell me)


You can only submit one piece of artwork

Don’t steal other peoples’ artwork or ideas, be creative!

Be kind to me and others

You have to have the password when you submit your art so the password is : Artie (I want to make sure you read the rules)

No discrimination (sexism, racism, etc…) in your artwork or on this thread

No swearing or cyber bullying

You have to tell me your Instagram username when you submit your art


1st Prize :1st_place_medal:

  • A shoutout on Instagram
  • A spam of likes on Instagram
  • A follow on Instagram
  • A big role in “Team Two”
  • Your artwork featured in “Team Two”

2nd Prize :2nd_place_medal:

  • A shoutout on Instagram
  • A follow on Instagram
  • Your artwork featured in “Team Two”
  • A spam of likes on Instagram

3rd Prize :3rd_place_medal:

  • A shoutout on Instagram
  • Your artwork feautured in “Team Two”
  • A follow on Instagram


PM me if you want to judge!



What if I don’t have insta?? I really want to enter.


Umm…you can’t get most of the prizes if you win… sorry…you can create one!


That’s ok I’ll still enter but I doubt I’ll win any prizes anyway


Can this be a cover/splash? Or anything except those specific kinds of art


Episode harmony members would like to eneter


@Kalizzza @Rac5hel @bbygirlbrooks @amylou @Blackshadow.episode


Any art is welcome!


Thank you!


Sign me up=)


(Artie) Here’s my entry, I don’t have an insta but thought I’d enter anyway. Had fun doing it.


Bless my eyes. That is so gorgeous…oh my lord…:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


So uh… I withdraw


No, continue! I’m sure your art is beautiful too! :+1:


Ok. I’ll never live up to that tho


It’s not a problem.


password ARTIE
I hope you enjoy
Insta - blackshadow.episodexx




Thank you means alot​:heart::heart::heart::heart: