Tear & blood overlays needed :/

if it’s not urs, tell me their @ (here or IG)

if it’s urs, lemme know if i should credit you & what with

(seperate overlays of course lol.)


here the tear

the tear is from J.Miley
and what type of blood do you want ? (ex : blood from eye etc…)

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Here are some of the blood overlays I use:
I looked them up so I don’t actually know who made them…

7C10F559-BFBC-4F71-9DF6-D3BFBB7522FC b64e29e2fe6a657af310fd80ba47ca1d0c835ec5_2_648x500 7a546e3ca00bb5cd21591773720af420f6d0d9b3_2_690x432

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Will these work? :smiley:

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thank u, those are perfect <3

are they urs?

Yes! :smiley:

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