Tear overlay needed!

Hey! It would be awesome if any of you have some tear overlays! I will give any credit necessary!
Thank u! :smile:

i found some on google but i dunno if you wanna see em cause theres no person too credit

Google probably has mostly copyrighted images!


i have a real tear in real if u want

You can mail it to me later

i cannt eford



Pls donโ€™t spam

@Sydney_H you can close this

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theres no more questions right?

I still donโ€™t have an overlay :woozy_face:

oh im so sorry

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No problem!

i forgot about that

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I :raising_hand_woman: Have :exclamation: A :a: Few :cold_face: pls :slightly_smiling_face: credit :slight_smile:

he said a tear

or she