Teaser question


Hello babies… So I’m a little confused about the teaser section. What are some examples to share in the teaser? Also do you know how long it takes to approve overlayes and cover photos? thank you xoxo


Not sure about the first question, but as for the overlay/ background one, it usually takes about 4 days for them to be approved :slightly_smiling_face: maybe slightly longer for covers but I’m not too sure.


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in the story it says teaser right? what do you write in there?


Ohhh, like the one on the chapter part?


You basically can give a basic description of what will happen in the episode, or you can just not add one and use your story’s description instead.


Okay thank you so much :-*


its been a week and my overlay still not approved :confused:


Oh, mine are usually approved within 4 or 5 days, maybe they just have a lot to review atm.