Technical Difficulty

Hey there! I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this. I do love Episode and it mysterious and lovely stories. I have been playing for around a year now and I have come across an error. So, when they came out with the accounts and avatars on Episode I obviously made an account with my Google account. A few months later I got an iPhone and I previously had and LG phone. I downloaded Episode again and tried to sign in. It didn’t work and gave me the message, “That account is associated a game state from another platform.” I kept trying and trying, reinstalling and restarting, nothing worked. I am devastated about this and would like to know how to solve the problem. Thank you! -Linnea

The That account is associated a game state from another platform means its from an android phone and since you now have an Iphone that’s an ios you can only transfer an android game data to another android and an ios to an ios as in apple

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I know what it means but what can I do to fix the situation?

There’s nothing you can do to fix it I’m sorry

i don’t know then maybe try and file a support ticket

Normally it should let you log in to another account. Or you could use the account code and try to log in and get your progress. Though you can’t transfer from different brands of phones. e.g Apple to Andriod and vice versa.