Telephone call and text messaging

Does anyone know ho to those both, i want to start but i have no idea ho…

What style of story are you writing in? Ink, Classic or Limelight?

INK style

Which animation do you want them to do?

like i sayd i want to know two things

  1. ho to talk with someone on the phone.

  2. ho to do text messenger with someone on the phone.

Do you want to know how to do it for male or the female character?

Does that matter … sometimes a boy talks with a boy, somethimes with a girl and vica versa.

How to make the character talk on phone:
@CHARACTER is talk_phone_loop <- This will make the character talk continuously on the phone without saying anything.

Or if you want them to talk angry on the phone without saying words, use:
@CHARACTER is talk_phone_rude

How to make them talk with words:
CHARACTER (talk_phone_loop)
Hi, my name is…

Talking angry with words:
CHARACTER (talk_phone_rude)
How dare you insult me!

How to make the character listen on the phone:
@CHARACTER is listen_phone


How to make them text:
@CHARACTER is text

Or if you want them to continuously to text use:
@CHARACTER is text_loop

Hope this helps!

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a little but i want it to do so you exctually see the thext messages.

These are not ink animations

And iff you use a telephone as a background…

You have an example on the bottom of this thread

that i can never do…

But i alwasy read ink because i hate limelight, the boys are not adult looking enough, they are ugly.
So i don’t understand that it does not work in INK.

But thanks anyway.