Tell About Your Experiences!

I don’t know if a thread like this already exists and if it does please let me know!

So this thread is about discussing your experience being in the Episode community.
Tell us when and why you joined the forum community, your experience with the people, the administrators, etc.

As of my experience :
I joined on 3rd April, 2018
I was too excited to have started my first ever story after learning and watching all of Joseph Evans tutorials and I was nuts to get it all correct so I flooded the community help threads to help me with my script.:joy:
I was certain that I was sounding so annoying and demanding no one was gonna help me but SO MANY PEOPLE helped me out.
I even befriended some amazing people and shared my artwork as well!
I asked for opinions, exclaimed my excitement for the new episode features!!
There’s no doubt it made my directing skills improve , PLUS I discovered LOADS of new stories I love to read now❤

Up till now, I have no bad experience with the community. Whenever I have a problem, I’m sure to get a response. :heart::heart:

Share YOUR experience in the comments below!! (Ooof I sound like an YouTuber :joy:)


Joined on August 27th 2018 so I’ve not been here that long. Though I have to say so far, people having been really nice to me :slight_smile: even if I find u a lil annoying atleast you’re tolerable lmao :skull::skull:

Nah fr tho y’all are the sweetest. I never knew the forums existed until after I made my first story and saw someone’s CC template (I forgot who’s) and I was so shook bc it was like a whole different world to the actual Episode app. I was acc kinda shy believe it or not, but my confidence developed completely and now I am who I am. I know that’s alot for such a short span of time but eh. Met some good close friends too :wink:


That’s one great experience!!!:hugs::smile:

I joined the forums on the 20th February 2018 because I was part way through writing my story (still haven’t published it yet) and I got an email saying that I could get opinions form others on the forums. So I joined. I felt a bit lonely at the beginning but once I joined my forum family (thanks to @Chocolate_Mama and @Tellyg47 :grin:) I found my place. I have met masses of friends here after joining a GC. With my new friends I have discovered my sexuality, combatted the 30 ppl limit, created a family tree and unfortunately said goodbye to some of my best friends here. I have loved to taste @24aya and @Chocolate_Mama’s cakes and I love them for their crazy personalities! I joined Episode Royalty and met some great (and some not so great) people there. I have really enjoyed RPing and now I can’t go without it. With @FallenAngelNight13’s help I have even created my own RP. Thank you so much Fallen!
The admins and mods are very helpful and combat problems everyday with compassion and empathy. Well done to you all! You deserve a thank you! @Jeremy, @Sydney_H and RIP Ryan. We miss you! Don’t know why I gave a shoutout to him because he can’t see it but he deserves it
Even though I have met some people here that aren’t that nice and respectful I have really enjoyed my time in this community and I couldn’t imagine my life without all you lovely people! I hope to make some more happy memories in the upcoming future!

This is all I can think of now but I am sure that I will edit this later so I can add more!

Sorry if I tagged you and you didn’t want to be tagged.

Just because you were tagged and others weren’t doesn’t mean that I value you more than others! I love all of my friends here! Some fitted into my post; others not. I hope that that but doesn’t sound rude…


I have been on episode before we got the ink style. so yeah long time.

but I have only been on the forum in about a year. even though I had made a profile. but their system was not working properly so I never got the registration email. even though I tried multiple times to contact it took a few years before something happen.

you guys don’t how easy you have it now when I started here there was no help to get. I could get help in forums. you had to look up and down in guides. there was no tutorial on youtube. you were on your own.

I am happy that it is so much easier to get help. cause I still forget simple directing commands


Woahh that’s amazing!! Koodos to your forum family❤

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Omg I remember those times too! I was like 12 then before ink came out. I didn’t know about the forums then and I just used to read any random stories of Episode or of the users. :smile:

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It is huge! We have like 150 people in it

I have been using Episode since 2016…and only in 2018 I realised that there is a community for Episode and I was like meh… So I gave it a try.

I joined May 1st 2018, I choose random username and at the begging I didn’t understand anything so I decided not to use it.

2 months have passed and I, for some reason decided to go back and again I didn’t understand anything and was really confused.

Later on I decided to become active on some threads and to have some fun and on one of those threads I met my bestie @Elena1creates :sparkles:

People were really nice and crazy (in a best way possible) and I decided to start chatting with them.
I remember when I joined that there was this big drama happening and I had no clue what was that or who was right or nah, so I got my popcorn ready :joy::popcorn:

And after 7 months I met amazing people here! :yellow_heart:


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Awwwww darling I’m so happy you’ve joined this crazy family as well! You have no idea how happy I am to have you join the family!

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I’ve been playing episode since 2014/2015 (not sure), but I joined on March 10, 2018, just before the old forum was moved here. I went on the old forums before, but I never made an account. Until then, I’m not sure what caused me to make it though. I think maybe it was to get help with directing/promote my (trash) story.

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Funny story I asked my mom for episode when I was like 13 but she said she didn’t like the way it looked so no. So I shrugged it off anyways and went on with my life. Then I got to high school and meet my friend she told me about it again and said I had to get it. So I did and I’ve been playing since 2016. (I think I got the times right I just woke up sue me :rofl:) so yeah then a few months later while I was working on my story I accidentally clicked the forums, and it was the old one and was like:” why the heck not.” So I signed up on New Years Of 2017 but it never fully activated till January of 2018. So yeah I was going around and joined my first rp ran by Episode girl. So yeah I was so excited and mainly stuck to role playing. Then I finally decided to try and talk to others. I was nervous because it was so online and thought I had to do this, so I did and started talking to some people on truth or dare. We all started getting very close and made a pm just to play t or d and mafia. Then my first wife, @k.w.episode proposed to me on a date. Honestly she was the first person on the forums to propose it was hilarious. I still have the pm saved. Of course I said yes, and we were fiancée’s for a long while. Then someone finally said we should tie the knot and by then another friend of ours was gonna get married. So we decided sure and whatnot. So while I was rping I adopted my first child, Amani. Then boom I continued and said I would stop at 10 ended up adopting twins and kept going but I’m done for now :rofl:

I have to say this year when I joined the forums was crazy. I had my ups and downs. Even dated someone here. Which I never thought I would so I have to say it’s coolio. We all got discord and some of us talked and it’s great. But I realised some of my online friends are closer to me then my irl friends. I’ve also learned so much just being here and talking to some amazing people. I’ve figured out I’m gray romantic as well. Which honestly explains a lot. I’ve learned that I really do have a deep connection with all my kids and I’m so happy to be here. I even found my love of baking children on discord but brought it here. So yeah a lot happened last year and I’m super ready to make more memories next year!


Omg we don’t have this much people in my entire grade😂

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Hey! Don’t call your story a trash! Authors get better and better with practice and help! Don’t you give up.:smile::kissing_heart:

You are done for now! Hallelujah!

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Yes…sorta :sweat_smile:

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It is either yes or no! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Heheeheheheheh yes I’m done?

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it was trash, writing wise. the plot was horrible and cliché asf. im not trying to put myself down or anything.

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