Tell me about her/him 🥺🖤

:pleading_face: dat hit hard
but sadly i like someone rn and idk i just fucked things up with him :partying_face:


uggh I wish that could came true but I don’t even know how to talk to him without everyone laughing at me :cry::revolving_hearts:


he’s goober and smart and difficult in every way possible. he makes sound effects for himself whenever he does things and for years he was 10 miles deep in the friend zone. after 2 weeks he said i love you and i told him to shut up. its been a little over 3 years now and I guess he finally won me over


So The person I had a crush on, we used to live together (when I first moved to the country I live in now, my family and his family lived together)and we’re about four years apart. I was about 3/4 years old when we first met.

But I started to have a feelings for him when I around 7-10 years old (Its like one of those episode stories where you move in together and fall for each other except I fell for him but he didn’t for me :sob:). I literally used to pinch him and his brother everywhere :joy: when I was younger ( that was just my thing, I even did it to my cousins :joy:).

Anyway after 3 years living together my mom fell pregnant with my sister and when she was in her last month of pregnancy, I got invited to his little brothers party and got into a car accident on the way to the party and literally comforted me the whole time. Oh and he taught my little sister how to walk.

Anyway fast forward a few years (primary/elementary - middle school). My feelings were strong for him :joy:. so when I was in primary/elementary school, my mom had bought me a diary I would literally write his name (and nickname that everyone would call him) on every page. I even wrote his name on my Hannah Montana diary I had at the time (where it said who was your crush). Cos you know what freaking lovesick 7/10 year old doesn’t :joy:. I would try make sure to hide my diary from everyone :joy:

Anyway as life and puberty hit, we drifted apart to the point that we barely spoke to each other (we no longer live together but we live really close by (His house is just a walk away💕) ).

In my high school years he was all I thought about and every time we saw each other I would be so smitten. I remember I heard someone kids saying they saw him kissing this girl who I knew, I started hating her (but in my mind :joy:) and this girl thought that I was cute and even took a picture with me :joy:.

Anyway fast forward another few years. I’m 20 now and the last time we saw each other was about 2 or 3 years ago. I was shopping with my sister and he scared the sh*t out of me (He literally shouted at my sister and I (By the way I looked like sh*t that day sooo…that was great :joy: ) to get our attention because we didn’t know he was there :joy:) In the car ride and the next few weeks he was all I could think about.

But now I rarely think about him (but whats weird is I sometimes have dreams about him). Like I won’t think about him if I don’t see him, but when I see him he is all I can think about…Until now I haven’t told him how I felt/feel (I probably never will) and also he has a girlfriend (Sooo there’s that…:joy:).

But its hard not too think about him since our families are so close, my mom is his mom’s boss now, as well as that he is my baby brothers god father.

Also he’s probably leaving in a few years to go to Australia and be a nurse sooo…yeah :sob::sob::sob:. I am honestly happy right now but I feel like I would be so much happier with him…

I’m so sorry this was so long💕
This was a whole freaking essay :joy::joy::joy:

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Aww, that hits so freaking hard, I ship you, and probably will till the end of my life, you are made for each other believe me when I say that I mean it and if you really are made for each other nothing can keep you apart or come between you, it was the same with me and Blanche, we couldn’t be together… because of the society they thought… we were weird (that bi people are weird) and I would be scared of them, they bullied me, Blanche knew how to handle them she taught me to ignore them that if we really want to be together we need to stop listening to them, I love you both, and wish you the very best of wishes, show him this, if you can… :pleading_face: :kissing_heart:


okokokok I don’t know if this is still going on but I kinda want to vent :rofl:

Get your popcorn & sodas ready ladies & gents

by the way I’m over this :rofl:

There was this new kid in my class and fast forward to like a few days- we become friends. We start getting closer and later he confessed he liked me over text :eyes: lmao I didn’t know how I felt because whenever I’m around him he makes me warm inside??? I don’t know if that makes sense; and whenever he left I kinda felt lonely.

He told me “don’t text me for like 1 minute (I can’t remember) if you like me back” I was deciding my feelings and eventually time ran out oop. Then I guess we started “dating” but honestly I wouldn’t even put it that way it was in 7th grade lmao (we did nothing but hold hands and hug) but I never felt *romantically attracted ya know :eyes: (from the beginning we started “dating”)

I didn’t want to tell him, so you can say I lead him on. So like 3 months later or something like that I just told him I wasn’t attracted to him and bam we don’t talk anymore and he deleted his discord :rofl:

Sorry if that made NO sense but thank you for sticking through the story! Yes my punctuation is messed up :flushed: :flushed:


IK, but when?

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Oh wow. Was he mad?


I don’t think so haha :sweat_smile: he was sad though-

  • is literally the cutest human ever. :pleading_face:
  • is intelligent, a bit airhead and caring. :heart:
  • literally radiates uwu energy- :blob_hearts:
  • a freaking angel. :sparkles:
  • likes hugs, cuddles and kisses.
  • is selfless. :black_heart:
  • cares too much that I wish he could care himself more than concern about me. :pensive:

We are still in a happy relationship- (yeah, we’re still dating uwu.)

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