Tell me about your character(s)

Let’s talk about our character(s)! I find sometimes find myself cheery when thinking about my characters but I don’t talk to them about annyyyoneee :flushed:!

So I think my MC, Diana, is quite stubborn (aren’t they all) and can be easily embarrassed, sometimes a hypocrite and ignores her problems at times. But she is loyal, sympathetic, and loves to listen to instrumentals/classical music.

That’s just a few things. I don’t know how to organizedly do this, I might change some stuff later :smiley:


My mc is stubborn,sarcastic and funny ,for a change she can defend herself no need of li to come and save her ,but can be childish sometimes,she is loyal ,kind and brave to make it all

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Ahh, love her independence!


Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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My MC is tough but compassionate. My other two stories, my MC was more of a damsel in distress, and most hate the damsel in distress thing. So in my story I’m writing at the moment, my MC is very tough, but she’s very compassionate too. She feels a lot for people because I just get tired of coming across tough MCs who are very b*tchy and showing traits of narcissism.


I have two stories (One unpublished) but I’ll talk about both of them…

  • My MC from The Dark Conqueror is Sarcastic but can be sweet if she wants to
  • My MC from the second story in introverted and shy but can be funny
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Here is how my characters are:

Anastasia First MC

•she is sassy, flirty sarcastic and cares a lot about her family,she is also Funny and Intelligent.

Giovanni LI

•He is sarcastic, Funny and Intelligent though even if he is a bit Rude sometimes he only is because he cares about the people he loves and "he si most definitely not toxic"

My story is not out Just telling you how they are😅

Yes same to those last points, yours sounds like a breath of fresh air :blush:


love relatable characters lol :v:


Your first MC is like the male version of my current MC lol, and cool that the Ll has some flaw :grinning:

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Thank you :blush:

And please tell me when your story is out that I can give it a read

"It’s sounds very interesting :thinking::smiley:"

My current story

My Mc Noelle is independent, confident, stubborn, caring and demanding, compassion for others both LL and MC

My LL Casper is awkward, shy, observed, funny, and cute, be adventurous intelligent

unpublished story
Other Mc is preppy, girly, too nice, sensitive, native lol

The 2 LL Kat/Aiden
Blunt, brutal honest, rude, distance, sarcastic,

It’s out! if you want to check it out :blush: , Sweet Desire:

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I like the dynamics here, they sound like a grrreaaattt bunch


Here’s a bit about one of my mcs for my story…

She’s kind, shy, honest, smart, friendly, trustworthy, independent, helpful.
She likes. Reading, kindness, helping others, honestly, school, intelligent.

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Lol they are crazy bunch🤣

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Haven’t published yet, but my MC’s name is also Diana, lol

Change it.