Tell me about your country!🤗

One of my favourite things about this community is that it’s made up of members who come from all over the world! So if you wouldn’t mind sharing I think it would be cool to know where everyone is from along with some misconceptions vs. realities about your country! Feel free to share anything else you’d like such as what makes you proud of your country or how you think it could be improved😊

Also I’m happy to answer any questions you guys might have about Canada :hugs: :canada:


Its rainy and the wind is very hard and all the tourists sucks cuz its way to crowded.

I live in the Netherlands


The weather sucks in The Netherlands




I love how my country is divided yet united. Each region has its own traditions and culture and each and every of them contributes to the whole Italian culture and tradition


Especially now with all the storms. Like, Ciara was not long ago then we got Dennis and now Ellen is on her way :roll_eyes:


jupp, tell me about it


I love about my country that most of the people are really honest. We give our opinions. Okay, sometimes people push there limits and their opinions are really wrong but I love honesty. Also we created our own land. One of our provinces/districts is made by our people. I think that’s super cool. Another thing I like, are the tulip fields. Were I come from there are a lot of them and it is really beautiful. Also people have a lot of stereotypes about my country. There is more than Amsterdam. We have cute little cities and municipalities that represent the country way better sometimes. Don’t get me wrong I like Amsterdam but yeah there’s more. Okay last thing because I could go on. Soccer is like a really big sport here and it unites people, especially when our national team plays (they are kinda bad rn but okay that happens sometimes :joy:)


I kinda think those names are overdone because the storms aren’t that big but some of them are really funny (the names of the storms)


I love Italy! It’s a really beautiful country. I want to visit Pompeii so badly :blush:


I am from Bangalore in India
The weather is really hot in Bangalore, but cold in many other places in India. India has a lot of diversity with many states and lots of languages !!!
But I don’t know what others think of India ?!

Tell me what u think of India !!


Literally bush fires and floods at the moment. Can you guess???


I absolutely hate the weather here, half a year of winter is just cruel. But we have some nice summers when we actually have them, and our language is incredible! I’m from Sweden :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Pompei is gorgeous!

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I’m from Italy too and I totally agree with what you said.

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Ciao, connazionale!!!

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Ciao haha!

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Damn, first American in the thread :raising_hand_woman:

Since I’m specifically from Florida, I’ll mostly tackle the misconceptions from there

  • There are crazy people (aka Florida Man)

Tis is true. One radio station I listen to actually has a game where they read a crazy news story and people call in to guess if it’s from Florida or not :joy:

  • They teach you how to outrun alligators in school

This is also true. You have to run straight, not zigzags :stuck_out_tongue: But for the most part, the alligators are pretty tame. I go kayaking a lot and theres always baby alligators, they’re so cute :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

  • Everyone goes to Disney all the time

While it is true that Disney is a big thing of Floridian culture, it still is crazy expensive. Most of the time you’ll see people going to Busch Gardens, which is a theme park in Tampa, or SeaWorld. There’s also Legoland, Adventure Island, Island of Adventure, and Universal. Basically, there’s no shortage of theme parks.

  • It’s summer all year round.

I’m basically dying of frostbite right now, so I’ll have to say this isn’t the case. But the seasons are wonky. Winter basically lasts from mid-January to the end of February, and spring and fall are just ‘summer but 2 degrees colder’.


Now I want to go even more or asap. I like history very much so that makes it even more interesting :open_mouth:

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I would go again! It’s a whole world that will forever be there, it’s insaneee!

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