Tell Me About Your eyes?


Hey! I was curious on what color of eyes you guys had! Comment below what color and if you want, provide a picture! Here is my green eyes :))




Aww well mine ar poop brown :joy:


I love brown eyes! They are so pretty! Ahhh


Haha no they’r not :joy::broken_heart:


Yes huh!


Hey! I personally have

Hazelnut eyes

A mix of green and brown, making it a soft light brown with a touch of green.


Can I see?


Sure :slightly_smiling_face:


my grandpa had blue eyes
my dad has hazel/greenish-grey eyes
and i have brown eyes :))))))


My eyes are dark brown!


I didn’t want a picture of me, so I searched up and found exactly this!



Ooohh Thats soo cool!
I just have green and the outer edge is a greyish blue


mine are a really dark brown, not as dark as my soul tho



Love thwm lolll




My eyes are like a really jade kind of green


Typical brown :woman_shrugging:t2: :no_mouth:




My eyes are brown :eye::eye:
And in the sunlight, they look like they’re glowing XD


Oh thank you :speak_no_evil: