Tell Me About Your eyes?


What are they??? I bet they’re beautiful!


My sister and I have the glowing eyes



My eyes are grey. Eck. That’s a huge picture. My family’s all like, your eyes are blue! ANd I’m like, no…no they aren’t. Have you seen Travis Fimmel’s eyes? My eyes aren’t freaking’ blue


Mine are dark poopy brown that glows in the light.


In High school I had light brown eyes… now it’s more like this…


Buuump. My eyes are a combination of green, grey, and blue. When I was younger, my eyes were really blue. It’s really early in the morning right now, and I don’t feel like searching up a picture, so you can just imagine that for yourself :joy:


Grey :grin:


gosh i have brown and mixture of blue …but the blue doesnt show up too much


Black Brown Eyes, I’m sure


What is the best thread to share THIS?


Mine are “almost black brown”


Here’s a better pic of my eyes, they are green with a littleeee bit of amber, the amber disapears when I’m in a big mood like really excited or really mad :hugs::imp:



I just have super blue eyes!


Oh, nice! I want blue or brown eyes :unamused:


I want green eyes!


i hate my eyes :-1:


What!? They are soo pretty


Not really


Yes they are!


Pm me :joy:


I have boooring brown eyes