Tell Me About Your eyes?


Funny like everyone wants a different eye colour but i have 3 eye colours kinda but i dont like any


Ooh interesting topic. I been wondering to know what color eyes does everyone have…

Mines are dark brown but when the sunlight is out, shinning bright as hell (it is mix of light brown). But I’ll said I’m a brown eyes girl.

Just what Maria said… @Maria.StoryWritter


Okay, wow alright my eyes are ugly😂



i like your eyes mine are similar


Is that even a possible colored, for eyes being white or grey?

I’ve never heard nor seen anyone have that eye colors.


I adored all eyes color. They’re the most beautiful thing when looking at male or female eyes💕.

Other than that, I have never met or see up closed with someone with hazel (brown or green), blue (oven or sky) or just only green eyes, etc :weary:. Only those with dark brown eyes or light brown eyes which is absolutely beautiful as well.


I think grey eyes are like a lighter version of blue but look more like grey i have an uncle with that


I have green eyes too…they are really a light green with gold specks here and there.


Wow. The second image :heart_eyes: :raised_hands:.

That’s a interesting eye colored.


oh yea i didn’t want to take a pic of me so i looked through till i found one that look just like mine :grin:


It’s possible.


Yeah - My eyes are black normally but when we shine it under the light its a brownish colour


Yeah. It’s a different colour under the light. Mine too.


What are they??? I bet they’re beautiful!


My sister and I have the glowing eyes



My eyes are grey. Eck. That’s a huge picture. My family’s all like, your eyes are blue! ANd I’m like, no…no they aren’t. Have you seen Travis Fimmel’s eyes? My eyes aren’t freaking’ blue


Mine are dark poopy brown that glows in the light.


In High school I had light brown eyes… now it’s more like this…