Tell Me About Your eyes?


I can’t though :confounded::joy:


Choco girl with choco eyes. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



I have blue eyes but they look almost grey I hate my eye color at times.


Why is that? :thinking:


Well I mean it’s attracitve on guys with grey eyes but like I wish they looked like a little more blue you know? I am not pale but in the winter I am since I don’t see the sun. And it’s just not a cute look.


Omg , they are the exact same as mine !! Except for the fact that the Amber begins to spread if I’m mad or angry at someone


You have green eyes too??


Uhuh, I think my eyes suit me , I don’t want them to change colour :








Mine are still plain brown :upside_down_face:


You all have beautiful eye colours. :blush:
I don’t like to show a picture of myself, but I can describe my eyes. I have green-grey eyes, more grey than green. When the sun is shining, my eyes turn green. :smile:


Can you take just a picture of your eyes?


I like green eyes

I would show a picture of my eyes but :woman_shrugging: the weather isn’t helping


I know this picture looks at the first glance a bit creepy :sweat_smile:
The photo was taken with a special lens but you can see my eye. :joy::joy::joy:


I think people really overlook the beauty of brown eyes and don’t give them enough credit —
They’re always described as “Dirt, Mud, Burnt, Baked Clay, etc.” and It’s all so mundane.
Brown eyes are truly gorgeous, it was once said —
“They’re copper against honey and they’re sunlight through a bottle of whiskey and they’re the colour of earth after it rains. They’re hazelnut and gingerbread men and chocolate brownies, and they’re the feeling of coming inside from the biting cold and wrapping yourself in a blanket on the sofa and they are cocoa and tea and coffee. They’re cinnamon and ginger and cassia and the dust from a horses hoves”

And I really love that, it captures the feeling and look of brown eyes so well and aesthetically.

The way brown eye’s change and look in the sun is truly lovely and deserves to be acknowledged by everyone —
How in sunlight you can see little golden flecks, so pure and beautiful,
how light brown eyes turn dark, and dark brown eyes turn light. How they bloom with swirls of greens and blues.
They melt into golden rays, circling an eclipse, captivating, intoxicating, breathtaking. Warm, kind, soft, loving.

And even as the light goes dim and leaves the illumination in the dust. They grow darker, but never dull. They turn to the colour of the coffee grounds, deep, mysterious, alluring. Shimmery, glassy, like a waters reflection, on a full moons night, or a hot summers day.

The way they light up with laughter, joy, and excitement. And darken with tears, sadness, mystery, and secrets.
So hecking beautiful. Like I honestly cannot understand how anyone can say, or even think that brown eyes are even the tiniest bit ugly//boring when they’re so clearly gorgeous.

A Tumblr user describes them as —
Brown eyes are honest. There is something about the absence of any other colours that make them smooth and pure. You can drown in their depths. Brown eyes so dark you can barely see their holder’s pupil - those are some of the best. Eyes so dark they could hold stars, so dark you could think you’re looking straight down into a soul. You can fall into them. Dark eyes are rich, whether warm or cool, melted with laughter or flinty with suspicion. There’s no escaping their hold. Dark eyes can pierce you, or they can wrap you up in warmth and soothe you. There are few eyes more mysterious, more beautiful, more luring than brown eyes. There are few things more comforting than the honesty of a dark, understanding gaze. Every shade from chocolate to onyx is beautiful.
Just imagine: brown eyes in the darkness of night, blinking slow and pulling you in, inviting you to spill secrets into the quiet; brown eyes turning nearly black in the shadow of a scowling brow or the squint of a belly-laugh; brown eyes pouring out soul with their raw depth when they rain out tears; brown eyes dark with strength and trust.

If you’ve never been captivated by brown eyes, you’ve never really looked into brown eyes.

[Also, Shakespeare wrote a sonnet romanticizing dark eyes so jot that down :eye: :heartpulse:]

A small collection of Brown Eye Compliments and Analogies —

[:pushpin: Small Note:] I’m not saying that brown eyes are more beautiful and superior to other coloured eyes.
Everyone’s eyes and eye colours are beautiful and you are all slaying ~


Brown eyes are gorgeous, Thank u, Next.


They hide pretty lies


Dark Brown eyes are underrated and I’m ready to fight anyone who says otherwise :relieved:

When I first saw this thread I was like “Wow! Eye shape discussion!” and its uhh… just blue and green eyes -,-

can I tell you about my eye shape or is it just eye color :thinking:


It’s says about your eyes so that includes shape I’m sure :sweat_smile:


Oh well :relieved: