Tell Me About Your eyes?


I want brown eyes!


I have brown eyes. I also have glasses but I’m not wearing them in this picture because then my eyes look weird but here is my eyes with glasses

Those are not different eyes :eye: promise


You can have them :joy:


I can’t though :confounded::joy:


Choco girl with choco eyes. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



I have blue eyes but they look almost grey I hate my eye color at times.


Why is that? :thinking:


Well I mean it’s attracitve on guys with grey eyes but like I wish they looked like a little more blue you know? I am not pale but in the winter I am since I don’t see the sun. And it’s just not a cute look.


Omg , they are the exact same as mine !! Except for the fact that the Amber begins to spread if I’m mad or angry at someone


You have green eyes too??


Uhuh, I think my eyes suit me , I don’t want them to change colour :