Tell me about your favourite tropes!

So first of all, hi! I hope you’re doing well, it’s such a tough time right now… Sending you strength and love!

Yess, so I know that are a zillion tropes going around, some more popular and beloved than others. I want to know what YOUR opinions are.

Do you hate the popular mean girl cheerleader trope (who’s usually blonde lol I can’t–), or are you a sucker for the nerdy MC who’s… not really nerdy when you think about it?

I’ll be honest, I shamelessly love enemies to lovers. Only if they’re written well though. We don’t need toxicity thank you very much. I also fall prey to the occasional bad boy (provided they’re not absolute jerks who treat everyone they see like trash).

So, tell me, I’m here to listen. Tropes you like, stories that pulled them off tremendously, if you’ve ever had an epi-crush (we’ve all had one, don’t lie (◔‿◔) ).


I love friends to enemies to lovers. Anything with unspoken history that’s left things a bitter, tense mess is always a fun read.


Ikr, why is a messy history so addictive?!?! :sob::sob:


I’ve got to agree with @robyn.g, pretty much anything friends to enemies to lovers has me reading :joy:


Enemies to lover is my absolute fav!! Often it lead to slow burn which I love so :ok_hand:t4:

Or old flame too! I always root for the MC & LI to get back together :joy:


Let’s all just form a messy history lovers club :joy::joy:🥲

Same, not sorry about it

love that even more(if you havent watch netflix Shera you gotta)

I love the chosen one trope,
The guy who hates the world but is soft for the love interest.
a teacher/leader who acts like the parent to the group.


Bad boy tropes


I like the secret crush tropes… like when one of the MCs is crushing on the other one, but doesn’t yet want to openly admit it, and the other is either clueless about it or also crushing.

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I agree with each and every thing on your list. Sucker for softies. 🥲

Oh yeah ikr!! That’s so cute when it happens!! :pleading_face::white_heart:

Bad boys never go out of style. :relieved:

Woo, here we go.

Tropes that I love:

  • Enemies to lovers: the tension, the banter, the long stolen glances, everything about this is awesome. Plus the slow burn gives me life! But yeah, it’s a thin line between well done and toxic so it has to be well written.
  • Bad boy with a heart of gold: you know the type; he’s sarcastic, a little cocky, wears leather jackets and has playful banter with the MC while actually being a good human being that doesn’t treat women like crap and isn’t a dick to the girls he slept with before dating MC (I hate when the LI is terrible to other women just bc they aren’t the MC)
  • Serious guy who hates everyone but the MC: this one’s too cute. Not like he’s a jerk, but more like he’s a serious person like perhaps a very smart/studious person or something and the MC is more outgoing so he’s soft for her. It’s cute.

There’s more but then I’d talk too much and no one wants that haha :sweat_smile:


Someone should make a story of friends to enemies to strangers to friends to enemies who secretly are totally in love to lovers… SLOW SLOW BURN



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Enemies to lovers fan club is open!! :joy:🥲

Your bad boy with a heart of gold point and description needs to be on my tombstone omg!
There’s just something about closed off guys that become softies for the MC. I’m a moth to that flame. :grinning::grinning:

No no!! I’m here to talk! Let’s fangirl together!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

LMAO, that’s almost the description on my story planner for the LI on my story :rofl: what can I say, I’m a sucker for those types…

I knoooow, it’s like “he hates everyone in the world except her :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Can I have that LI? :pleading_face:
But seriously, you’ve put it into such amazing words, I think I fell in love with just an idea lmao. :white_heart::white_heart:

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Can he be real, please? :pleading_face: there I go once again falling in love with a fictional boy that only exists in my imagination lol

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My absolute favorite trope is the same as @/software, I love friends to enemies/strangers to lovers! Something about people rekindling a past friendship then realizing they’re something more… :chef: and even better if they had left with a fight.

I also like the wallflower who is fully confident around their LI (not in a “oh-they’re-so-innocent” kind of way, but in a “I-want-you-to-have-as-much-fun-as-I-am” kind of way), and also the “us against the world” tropes.