Tell me about your first editing experience!


We all start some where, what was your start for editing like? What was your first app you guys downloaded for editing? Mine was LiveCollage :joy: it doesn’t seem that bad but when you try to blend with that thing… GIRL don’t get me started lmao. Was it outrageous (mine was) or was it drop-dead-gorgeous? Tell me about your first editing experience!


I started background edits on Pixlr and then when I started character edits, I got Ibis paint X


My first editing experience was on paint, not to much I have to say about it…


Since I have previous editing experience with Photoshop, I thought it wouldn’t be bad at all… UNTIL I actually opened up the program and opened the photo of the character I wanted to use a few days ago. I didn’t even know where to begin! Since I’m a perfectionist, I kept redoing certain parts of the edit over and over which is why the edit ending up taking almost 2 hours to finish… but overall I’d say that as challenging as it was to edit something I liked, I loved the end result and I now love editing even after just a few days.


Also I found it’s helpful to join an art group


Lol I wish I could say the same, mine looked deformed :joy:


lol I bet it didn’t!! <3


Haha ty xx


Show us ur first edit I wanna see


I deleted cuz my retinas burned every time I looked at it :laughing:


That’s my first edit now it’s like this:IMG_20180608_201112_963
This is the one I did now


I just tried using Procreate…it took me two months (no joke) to figure it out! :joy:


Same here!


First edit looked like diss, It looks like I didnt do anything