Tell Me About Yourself :)

This thread is for authors and/or readers that have an Episode profile on the Episode app, and an Episode Instagram account. You are free to comment your Episode profile name, your Instagram, and story name on this thread.

Episode Profile: Briana M.
Instagram: @brianam.stories
Story(ies): Popular Girl Gone Bad and Sophisticated & Deceived. Coming soon: Wrong From Right

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Thanks for making this thread :smile:

Episode Profile: Savanna W.
Published story: I’m So Confused

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STORY NAME: Mr Bad Boy and Mrs Bad Girl
INSTAGRAM: hx.episode
This is an amazing thread, very helpful

Okay, but this thread isn’t for promoting your story. But, you’re okay. I’ll give your story a read.

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Oh I’m sorry, i changed it so it fits the purpose of this thread

Episode Profile: Winter05
Instagram: @winter05.episode
Story(ies): Quiet Confidence, Soccer Moms: Blast to the Future

Thanks for making this thread! :heart:
~ Winter :snowflake:

Episode Profile: KW
Instagram: k.w.episode
Story: BORN ON HALLOWEEN (lol I hate it)

Episode Profile: Jade A. Eaton
Instagram: @jaeaton.stories
Published Stories: Effortless (CC!) & Alba: Collecting Wolves


What’s your story about ? I like the title.

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Thank you! It’s about a normal, teenage girl who loses all of her memories in an accident and has to learn everything again. I’m currently revamping it to make it better :blush:

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Oooh ! Sounds good !

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Thanks :two_hearts:

Episode Profile: Leandra
Instagram: @clemenlea
Story: Black

Episode profile:@ya
Instagram: I deleted that😂a year ago😅
Story : Choose?!!!
(It will change into "out of the…box?! , When Episode approves cover😅)

Episode Profile: Dina Carmen
Instagram: @dcmep
Story(ies): I’ve cleared out my shelve/ hidden my past published because I’m focusing on another story I’m writing lol

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Episode Profile: Marianna Escalante
Instagram: @episodemarianna
Story: Diary of a Middle School Teacher

Episode Profile: Dark Chocolate Mama
Instagram: don’t have for 2 more years
Story: SIMulation