Tell me, how do YOU write YOUR stories?

Thanks bro, this gave me some ideas.


Ty for the input. :))

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Truee okay thanks for that it’s helpful.

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Definitely! Whenever there’s an opportunity to showcase your growth, go for it! Even better when you learn and improve! I always tell myself that every story of mine is physical proof of my growth! I will find myself going back to my older stories and cringing so bad. I’ve grown out of some things and noticed that I could have added some other things, but that’s the beauty of widening one’s writing abilities!

THIS!!! Especially if your story is dealing with sensitive topics or issues that you are not really familiar with! You can never go wrong with going the extra mile and spending a few days or hours on the internet broadening your knowledge on topics.

I tried notebooks and paper, and I get it! The physical feeling of pen and paper is something else, but I just end up having a bunch of scattered thoughts and ideas. Usually, I end up losing them. I have thoughts in one notebook, some weird thing that doesn’t make sense on a sticky note, loose-leaf paper with other ideas… It’s a lot :tm:, and I’m an organized, unorganized mess. Google Docs and Mircosoft Word are my heroes. Totally envy you with having that notebook. I could never :skull_and_crossbones:.

YES, YES, YES! I end up falling in love with side characters even more when I create those backstories. BE STILL MY HEART. Yup, having to scratch some out sucks because sometimes I really want to add it, but overall, it’s redundant and it’s not needed. Doesn’t mean I can’t save ideas on the back burner though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
AH, SEE! I don’t really use narrations because I honestly don’t think it’s one of my strengths. In the rare chances that I do, it’s my characters explaining certain situations that are better suited for that instead of actual dialogue. The whole 3rd person narration, which I’ve seen my favorite authors use, suit them so well, buuuut it’s something that I’ll avoid and let them excel in, thank you very much :relieved:. But omg doing your own narration?! YAY for you!!! I’m certain that you make it sound wonderful!

HAHAHAHA! I’m glad I’m not the only one!!! Yeah, I hate having to go back and change something as soon as I’ve published a chapter. As soon as it’s published, I don’t want to work on it anymore, and that’s fine with me. I feel like if I do end up going back, I’m going to criticize everything and hate it and want to work harder on it again, so :cowboy_hat_face:. I don’t have friends help me write the chapter, but I do have my friend read it and make sure there are no spelling errors that I may have missed (after previewing so many times, you miss some things!!!), and just give me her opinion. She makes sure that what’s been written makes sense and doesn’t leave room for confusion. We’ve got a system, and I’m so grateful for it :relieved: :heartpulse:.

Aw :pleading_face:. Thank you! There’s so much to writing a story, and I know I missed some other important ones, but at least this has helped some! Writing is meant to be fun!! The moment it starts feeling like it’s becoming a chore, well one should prooooobably take a look at why it’s feeling like that :eyes:.

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My pleasure! :heartpulse:

Yeah, I’m the same way and I agree with you. :heart:

Yeah, but I if I have too I will lol


Little late. But I do plan everything i rarely do go with the flow . But I do write what I want to happen in my writing notebook super handy. I do have a go to person as well when I want to proof read or bounce ideas off as well. But if you have a trusted person you can tell about your story do it. Don’t go through your writing journey alone it may seem ideal but it’s not. I learn that the hard way, but def write everything like key points,time lines background characters for me i just used my trusted friends i dont add like random ppl haha. Or backgrounds or overlays if you don’t make them then find drives or ask ppl on the forums or have friends help you out or give recommendations on where to get specific drives. But anyways yeah just know what your doing and be unqiue and authentic to your own self, just plan everything out but i feel like that is the main key point on everything you do and it will make everything worth it. Hope it helps xoxo

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Thanks for your advice and tips.

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aww np :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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For short stories, I take my base idea and go with it improv style. I then go back and fix plot points and sentence structure, and that’s that.

As for Episode stories, I do much more than that. I write the simple basis of the story (ex. Alice’s life is nothing but normal until she meets Damien, a vampire. Only catch is that she is suspicious that he’s a vampire but everyone else just thinks he’s a normal guy.), then I begin to flesh out the characters, first the main character. Here’s the form I use for my characters:

Character form

Romantic Attraction:
Glasses or Contacts:
Distinguishing Features:
Mental Illness/Neurological Condition:
Dress Style:
Biggest Flaw:
Best Quality:
Religious Views:

I then go about planning the plot in detail after I’ve created the characters. I go first simply by writing the plot out in as much detail as I need, putting different bullet points as each plot point, having sub-points below each main point if I want to add some small details to it.

Then, I go to each episode and put usually around 5 points including what I want to happen in the episode. Sometimes I also add small scenes there if I already have a plan for them to add to the episode.

After all that, I just go by the episode outlines and create my episode.

The secret of my success is simple - I write when I have inspiration. If I feel that I am not in the mood to write, I do not write. I will soon need to register a personal application to college, but I am not in the mood for doing this. My friends advise turning to personal statement writing services and solving this issue without stress. I think this is a great solution, but I would also like to hear your opinion.

Hi Zoey,
Being a writer is another job itself honestly.
The most important element of a story has to be the plot and the twists, you need to make the readers engrossed in the story. I have seen a few people writing a story before even writing the plot, twists, how the story will end, etc.
So, you should plan out a story before you start coding it to have minimum writer block, secondly, I see people losing motivation if they are not gaining a lot of reads on the first few chapters. It’s def ok if you don’t have a lot of reads on your first story cuz everyone can’t get recognization on the very first time, The forums is here to help as people promote stories here, do R4R’s and you can make your very own post and promote your story.
Thirdly, I would say to give yourself breaks, it’s not really possible for you to code 24/7 or whenever you have time as you need to give your mind a bit of rest.
Fourthly, before writing a story make sure you note down the characterstics of your MC and LI or anyone important in the story. You need to know them better than you know yourself, cuz you have to narrate their feelings,etc.
I think so that’s all from my side.
Wishing you the best of luck.

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