Tell me something about you!

I’m trying to get to know people in the episode community, especially in the forums. If you want, you can tell me something about you so that I can get to know you better!

I’ll start
My name is Kaitlyn
I’m 15
I love to draw and listen to music
I love to write


My names lana.
im 18
i like to play games. watch anime, read manga, help out people,.

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Hi I’m Leslie but some call me Les for short. I’m socially awkward and very weird. I love art and music. I play soccer and do cheer this year. I am Hispanic and I speak Spanish, French, English and Italian. I love helping out people on forums so if you need help my PM’s are always open.
Have a great day!

I’m chocolate Mama but people call me Choco. I love helping out anyone and everyone. I have a huge forum family. I’m 16 and I like to read and bake and freak out about my future.

Thank you!:heart:

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I’m sam.
I’m older than most.
I love my purple hair and gauged ears.
I know english and ASL.
I live in the woods next to a mountain.
I love horror movies.

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hey. :wink:


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I made a doughnut on the software Blender and it looked cool :laughing:

Just thought I’d share that lol

I’m subscribed to over 130 YouTube Channels (I don’t create content though XD)

I love helping people ^^

I dislike pizza & spicy food, but love chocolate and anything with sugar (yep, I got a sweet tooth but try not to eat sugar all that much)

I want to publish a story someday and even create an animated show :heart_eyes_cat:

I’ve also adopted a (somewhat) healthier lifestyle when it comes to my eating habits ^^

I love action & comedy and I can speak two languages : )


You sound just like me!:joy:

That’s cool :rofl:

Do you hate parties? :thinking:

Yes. I’m socially awkward :joy:

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Yeah, parties suck. I only ever go when my mom forces me to and I can’t say no to her :disappointed_relieved:

Also, be more confident :wink:


I love art

Hiii, my name’s Karina. I’m 17 and I love to help out ppl, I love to draw and write too, and I love watching just about anything interesting. I also lovee chocolate!

I love chocolate too!:joy:

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Me too!

Who doesn’t? Haha