Tell me something about you!

Lmao I’m the most awkward thing ever :joy:

Don’t worry, I am too!:joy:

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I’m Elena, and I’m 27. I love writing (obv), making art and I’m a sucker for TV series. I’m a fan of tattoos (7 now and keep going :smiley: ) and classic rock.I have a dogo named Barney (hello HIMYM fans) and a slight drinking problem.

You sound like so much fun! I would so wanna be friends with you!

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It sounds like fun. But in reality. Probably because of that I don’t have many friends :smiley: But sure, take your shot

:joy: ok

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Im 23
Irl im quiet/shy/akaward
I have a hard time with ppl

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Nice to meet you! I’m Daniel and I love the Simpsons

Me too!:heart::joy:

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